Now’s a great time to grow your own

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Here’s something to chew on. Talk about a win win situation, the idea of having your own vegetables and fruit to hand which are free at the point of harvesting is rapidly taking hold.

Wartime Britain excelled in this, providing more than 90 per cent of our food requirements.

Much of our food today comes from other countries which involves transport. Transport uses fuel, most of it being derived from oil. The price of oil is relentlessly going up.

No surprise really as the world is using more and more as the non-Western world strives to achieve our standards of living.

Couple this with the fact that oil production is reducing year by year despite the discovery of small new fields and Arctic exploration.

Much of our “fresh food” has been grown on farms that rely entirely on the use of fertilisers and pesticides – that is why we are told to wash everything before we eat it. Use of chemicals is ultimately destroying our soils, reducing productivity and polluting our rivers.

Growing your own doesn’t use oil or need chemicals.

It does need a little more effort on our part but growing within a community allotment or garden, this work is shared by all.

The delight of planting a few seeds, nurturing them as they grow and placing fresh clean home grown fruit and veg on your family’s table is within most people’s grasp.

In Stamford we are very lucky, we have both a community allotment and a community garden. Anyone who wishes to try their hand at growing may do so by joining our happy band of volunteer enthusiasts.

Just ring 01778 561540 for further details and to check for vacancies.

John Polkinghorne

Secretary, Stamford Transition Town

Denshire Court, Baston