Riding roughshod over the rules

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The continuing saga of a High Street coffee shop and its difficulties with planning permission are beginning to become more than a little wearing on my mind.

Surely in a competitive world when a business is set up the owners have previously done all their research on markets, location, footfall, costs etc, including lease and trading conditions.

It appears to me that this particular business likely miscalculated their revenue stream related to trading conditions within the original agreement.

If this is the case it should be looking for beneficial changes to its current trading conditions, but achieving this within the structure which applies to all other businesses in the area.

My opinion is that the business in question is trying to ride roughshod over current rules and unfairly trying to use public opinion as support in this quest.

Stamford is very well-served with coffee shops at present, perhaps too well.

If this business cannot survive within its current trading agreement it is not the fault of the other businesses and if these other businesses gain at the loss of this one coffee shop, good luck to them, It will not be a great loss to this beautiful town.

Alan Romaine

Blackstones Court, Stamford