Scholarships: Questions still need answers

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I welcome and applaud the proposal by the Stamford Endowed Schools to offer bursaries for pupils who wish to be educated at the schools and can meet the criteria for which these bursaries are to be made available.

However as a private company the endowed schools can do as it likes.

The question on which the editor seeks opinion) masks the real issue ie the statutory duty of Lincolnshire County Council to provide appropriate education to the more able children of the Stamford area.

The editor should be seeking views on the council’s legal obligation as an elected public body responsible to the public.

In Bourne and other Lincolnshire towns the council fulfils this duty and grammar pupils are funded at grammar schools. Why then are grammar pupils in Stamford treated differently.

In its executive report on the scholarship scheme to the endowed schools of July 18, 2006 on page 5 under legal considerations paragraph 15 it reads:

“Suitable provision must be suitable to the pupils in the area. The (scholarship) scheme has been the council’s response to the lack of suitable provision for the most academically able pupils in the Stamford area. Any termination of the scheme must provide for suitable provision for those pupils”.

The editor should be demanding to know what suitable provision (temporary or permanent) is planned for now given the council’s legal obligation.

John Hicks

County councillor (Ind)

Drift Road, Stamford