Stamford doesn’t need parking charges at all

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YOU invite comment on two matters this week, both related to car parking.

First, the possibility of charging for parking in Stamford Hospital to help reduce a deficit of £38m. Somebody must be joking.

Apart from the cheek at suggesting the public pay for something funded by the taxpayer, of what use would be the yield of a few pounds from car park charges towards a multimillion pound deficit? The forward planners who sanctioned the building of this splendid Peterborough City Hospital have got it badly wrong, and so if there are to be cuts, then start at the top where the money is.

The second comment is about the likelihood of installing parking meters in Stamford and Bourne and reintroducing that heartily disliked body – the parking warden.

As I have said through your columns many times, local authority car parks should be free. They too are funded by the ratepayer.

In my view, Stamford does not have a parking problem and can manage its traffic perfectly well, without meters and traffic wardens. Once again the grossly over-taxed motorist is the easy target.

With yet another supermarket hovering in the wings, town centre traders need all the help they can get and they could do without the petty regulatory bodies whose experience of trade is nil.


Orchard Way, Easton-on-the-Hill

No, I do not think parking charges should be introduced at the hospital, as it seems a most unfair way of penalising people who have to attend there for medical reasons.

Surely if difficulties are being caused by people evading charges by parking there for other purposes the solution is for the employment of a parking attendant. A number of doctors’ surgeries have had to introduce such attendants to curb use by parking charge evaders.

However, if charges are introduced at the hospital instead, surely a system of refunds for genuine hospital users should also be devised.

A Barry

Lambert Mews, Stamford

In response to parking charges. I have as a patient had problems parking at Stamford Hospital. Besides shoppers using the hospital car park I have also seen students from the college parking there, so charging may solve this problem as well as raising funds. As long as the charges are fair.

I had to attend the city hospital last week. Unable to park in front of the appropriate clinic I had to park at the back of the hospital. A fair walk for a patient! Once I had my parking ticket I was being charged. Because of the distance to the clinic my time in the car park was 35 minutes. Thirty minutes is free! I was charged £5. I have to attend again and am not looking forward to it.

Janet Taylor

High Street, Castle Bytham