Town council should lead hospital protest

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You report that the chairman of the Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals Trust said that their “absolute priority remains the safety and care of patients”. Clearly this is not so.

The trust’s top priority is to eliminate its deficit. It’s inconceivable that cutting 10 per cent of the workforce will not affect patients. If standards of treatment and care are maintained, then waiting lists will get longer.

It would be interesting to know how much of the trust’s debt is due to the regular payments to be made for many years to the private investors who financed the new Peterborough hospital.

These sums are guaranteed by our taxes. What about that for dependency on the state? It was reckless gambling with our money by the same sort of financiers that triggered the economic crisis and caused the national deficit.

Yet if they paid a fair share of taxes there would no need for any cuts – in the NHS or other public services.

We don’t have to accept these cuts. Let Stamford Town Council – an accountable body – lead a campaign of meetings, petitions, marches, strikes, against any loss of jobs at Stamford Hospital. Now that would be localism.

David Grove

Kings Mill Lane, Stamford