We should all be supporting Wildcats

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I write in regard to the article regarding noise and related issues with the new Wildcats Theatre School in Stamford.

Firstly, as the former YMCA building and then as a language school it has been in use as a youth venue for over 100 years. The position taken by some of the local residents seems akin to those who buy a house on the approach to an airport and then complain about aircraft noise!

Furthermore, for those who have had any contact with the Wildcats, this is an extremely professional organisation who demand the highest standards of behaviour from their students and I very much doubt any real problem exists.

Finally, this is a growing small business, started by local people, employing staff and contributing to the economy, all while offering something very positive for young people to do in the town. It should be receiving everyone’s full support.

Paul LivIngston

Holywell Road, 
Castle Bytham