Youth’s hair cut to boost charity

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A teenager grew his hair for 19-months so he could donate it to a charity which makes wigs for young cancer victims.

Sebastian Constable, 13, endured bullying and teasing from fellow pupils at Catmose College, in Oakham, as he grew his hair for the Little Princess Trust.

Refusing to give in and with the support of college staff who tackled the bullying Sebastian finally managed to have nine inches chopped from his hair.

It will be used by the charity to make a wig of real hair to be used by young cancer victims who lost their own hair.

The generous youngster, of Willoughby Gardens, in Oakham, has also set up a Just Giving page and has so far raised £445 for the charity too.

Sebastian said: “I quite enjoyed growing my hair for the charity.

“I wanted to raise between £300 and £500 as it costs that much to make one of the wigs.

“I wanted to give someone their smile back.”

Sebastian got the idea to back the charity as one of his school friends, Ella Adams, had done it previously.

As a keen Minecraft fan the teenager also knew of a fellow fan, called Tomahawk online, who suffers from Alopecia who backed his idea.

He finally had his hair chopped at Harpers Oakham on Friday, July 14.

Anna Constable, 37, Sebastian’s mum, said: “I am ridiculously proud of him.

“He has such an amazingly generous heart.

“It’s made him appreciate his hair more as it can be traumatic to lose your hair especially when you are going through life threatening illness.”

Anna also grew her hair so it could be donated to the Little Princess Trust and she gave four inches.