Striker vents frustration at criticism

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Blackstones striker Michael Nelson has hit out at the club after criticism that he refused to play this week.

Nelson was one of two players, along with Sam Mancuso, left unpaid a week earlier and there then appears to have been a further breakdown in communication with Nelson this week.

Manager Dave Stratton said Nelson was due to play for the reserves, and after the striker’s non-appearance said: “I suspect Michael will not play for the club again.”

But on Tuesday the striker responded, firing off a broadside at the club, saying money matters should be kept private and he has never asked to leave.

He said: “Blackstones FC are doing their best to get me to leave the club.

“I got a phone call to say I was going to be going to PNS as the clubs had made an agreement, but not once did I ask to leave or say I wanted to leave.

“If someone at the club had spoken to me and made it clear if they wanted me or not, then I would know where I stand. But I didn’t know if I was coming or going and everything points to the club not wanting me.”

He added: “Obviously players have left the club since the new manager has come in - which happens in football, but did the manager or club do enough to try to keep them?

“Players of their quality going down to Peterborough League teams show that something isn’t right at Backstones.”

Regarding money, he added: “I’m still owed wages from months ago. When we turn up and get told wages are not here again it’s annoying. Some of us rely on money from football.”