Ketton girls win first tie

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GIRLS’ cricket has taken off in Rutland with an inaugural Ketton v Oakham match .

Clubs have seen a rush of girls wanting to play cricket this summer and increased numbers at Ketton and Oakham have allowed girls’ squads to be set up, with ages ranging from 10 to 15. Most of the girls are new to cricket, although some have played in mixed teams for a few seasons, and the two clubs faced each for the first time this month at Oakham.

Ketton batted first, scoring an impressive 154 runs with big hitting from Lizzie Mainstone (20), Isabelle Forster (15) and Claudia Dooley (13).

The younger girls (Poppie Webb, Georgie Miles, Lucie McCrone and Natasha Bolton) provided excellent support, looking for quick singles and running well between the wickets. The best of Oakham’s bowling came from Mathilda Gough (0 for 17), Jenny Sennett (0 for 14) and Jessica Carfax (1 for 9).

Oakham struggled to score against some accurate bowling but Georgia Hallgarth, Sophia Moore and Maddy Stellmacher took the game to Ketton with some well struck boundaries.

Oakham finished on 44, with the best of the Ketton bowling coming from Lizzie Mainstone (2 for 2) and Claudia Dooley (2 for 6). A re-match at Ketton is set for later this month.

Ketton: Lauren Bullimore, Isabelle Forster, Lizzie Mainstone, Claudia Dooley, Emma Wilson, Lucie McCrone, Georgina Miles, Poppie Webb, Natasha Bolton. Oakham: Sophia Moore, Maddy Stellmacher, Georgia Hallgarth, Holly Smith, Jenny Sennett, Mathilda Gough, Charlotte Czarnota, Jessica Carfax.