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Reigning champions move within a point of pole position after whitewash win

Ketton Kingfishers clipped the wings of their club rivals the Kestrels to fly to the top of Division One in the Stamford and District Bowls League.

Their maximum 10-point win puts them just one point ahead of Langtoft Pearl who beat Blackstones D 8-2.

Close on their heels and one point behind are reigning champions Blackstones C who chopped former leaders Bourne Woods down also by 10-0. This means Bourne drop down to fourth.

Blackstones C defeated the leaders Bourne Woods in their defence of the Division One title. (13345256)
Blackstones C defeated the leaders Bourne Woods in their defence of the Division One title. (13345256)

At the top of Division Two, Barnack B lost to Market Overton Tornadoes, Empingham lost to Oakham Owls and in the ‘Battle of Greetham Valley’ the Eagles beat the Robins.

All three have the same number of points to remain in the top three while Wittering beat Market Overton Harriers and move up to fourth.

Barnack Vikings’ 8-2 victory against Market Deeping Regis keeps them at the top of Division Three while Market Deeping Royals’ 8-2 success against Blackstones A moved them into second above Ketton Kites who lost 9-1 to Stamford Town D who move into fourth.

Results and rink Scores from matches played on July 2:

Division One:

Blackstones C 79 (10 points) Bourne Woods 36 (0 points) Blackstones names first: Louise Harris, Michael Jeapes, Adam Warrington 24 John Banks, Brian Sinfield, Peter Burt 13; Martin Stokes, Trevor Christie, Paul Buckley 36 Peter Marshall, Alan Farmer, Steve Buffery 7; Mick Humphreys, Mick Owens, Derek Needham 19 Val Thompson, Keith Turner, John Pearson 16.

Ketton Kingfishers 64 (10 points) Ketton Kestrels 42 (0 points) Kingfishers names first: Paul Pheasant, Nigel Trigg, Dick Ford 20 Ron Tilley, Helen Tilley, David Tilley 17; Phil Hoare, Carol Warters, Bob Warters 15 John Suffling, Shirley Suffling, Charlie Underwood 10; Maggie Holden, John Little, Stafford Wallace 29 Graham Scothern, Elizabeth Wallace, Chris Ford 15.

Langtoft Pearl 68 (8 points) Blackstones D 54 (2 points) Langtoft names first: Angela Cox, Ann Northen, sue Moir 22 Peter Bagshaw, Darren Russell, Sam Downs 26; Nolan Catterwell, Ken Kangford, Peter Cox 22 Rita Downs, Dusty Miller, Jon Earl 14; Ann Cullingworth, Malcolm Cullingworth, Richard Montgomery 24 Darren Middleton, Mark Pye, Tom Fielding 14.

Market Deeping Regals 55 (4 points) Oakham A 60 (6 points) Regals names first: Alan Brighton, Michael Clark, Alex Denniston 7 Janet Rogers, John Rogers, Paul Murrant 35; Dave Roberts, Richard Smith, Chris Bines 27 Gail Robertson, Graham Cole, Ray Gregory 8; Sue Biggin, Terry Cooper, Mick Biggin 21 Ros Carter, Beryl Birch, Reg Wadsworth 17.

Stamford Town C 52 (6 points) Barnack Saxons 50 (4 points) Stamford names first: Brian Sumner, John Holroyd, Richard Allam 15 Jane Innes, John Taylor, Martyn Dennis 19; John Turnham, Brian Tuplin, Martin Hewitt24 Sarah Parker, John Innes, Martyn Parker 12; Valerie Allam, Moira Holroyd, Kevin Vinter 13 Jane Parr, Mike Parr, Phil Symonds 19.

Division Two

Colsterworth 55 (8 points) Carlby Corgies 45 (2 points) Colsterworth names first: Kevin Atter, Vic Wright, Mick Needham 21 Richard Clarke, Sue Lane, Lucy Cooke 13; Margaret Hotchin, Mark Robertshaw, Barrie Grosse 21 Simon Flatters, Nick Flatters, Alan Denne 13; Dave Hotchin, Keith Fraser, Karla Atter 13 John Todd, Iris Clark, Ian Cooke 19.

Greetham Valley Eagles 62 (10 points) Greetham Valley Robins 49 (0 points) Eagles names first: James Murphy, Tony Ansell, John Cox 22 Barbara Watson, Bryony Batch, Rita Knapp 13; John Dowding, MARPeter Wood, Peter Cozens 19 Malc Metcalfe, Roger Clarke, Alan Bennett 16; Brian Gooch, Hazel Hinch, Frank Hinch 21 Jane O’Donnell, Alf Lutton, Neil Crees 20.

Barnack B 49 (2 points) Market Overton Tornadoes 65 (8 points) Barnack names first: Tom Elwood, John Broadbelt, Margaret Broadbelt 21 Mary Slater, Jonny Abbott, Brian Snow 21; Margaret Andrews, Roy Chowings, Tony Andrews 8 Colleen Laker, Dave Laker, Richard Lambert 24; Colin Hayter, Keith Bell, John Woodcock 20 Gerry Barker, Sue Fleckney, Chris Fleckney 20.

Oakham Owls 61 (8 points) Empingham 54 (2 points) Oakham names first: Eileen Wright, Lindsay Walters, Rick Tarleton 15 John McPherson, Mike Ramsden, Mary Udale; Bob Swarbrick, John Moore, Bob Hammond 25 Jon Gibbison, Geoff Pearce, Jonathan Corby 16; Mary Smith, David Thorne, Denis Smith 21; Malcolm Mann, Vic Pheasant, Jim Ritchie 18.

Market Overton Harriers 45 (0 points) Wittering 71 (10 points) Harriers names first: Cath Mitchell, Mick Boddington, John Mitchell 11 Dave Burton, David Pusch, Glenn Willoughby 26; Gordon Corby, Gary Marsh, Mike Parkes 19 Mick Smith, Rick Symonds, Bob Warren 26; Bruce Acock, Jeannie Hutton, Eddie Owen 15 Polly Evans, Mitch Willoughby, Ally McNaughton 19.

Division Three

Blackstones A 52 (2 points) Market Deeping Royals 60 (8 points) Blackstones names first: Brian Young, John King, Julian Perry 17 Julie Nolan, Mick Caldwell, Mel Decamps 27; Dave Cox, Audrey Perry, James Perry 10 Jeff Bell, Paul Gillender, Brian Davis 20; Gary Shell, Phil Marshall, Sean Perry 25 Roy Markham, Mike Page, Mike Bumfrey 13.

Bourne Eau 84 (8 points) Oakham D 42 (2 points) Bourne names first: Colin Pearson, Peter Henderson, Peter Bagworth 36 Mal Hughes, Clive Morris, Rod Groombridge 12; Chris Muggeridge, Joan Thompson, Sean Middleditch 17 Sylvia Hammond, Dave Hamston, Ken Kennings 22; Mick Middleton, Charles McClean, Roger Gough 31 Fiona Munro, Ian MacLean, Ian Munro 8.

Carlby Bees 50 (3 points) Stamford Town A 55 (7 points) Carlby names first: Roger Shead, John Burcham, Colin Harrison 20 Sue Starbuck, Ann McDonald, Ann Holmes 20; Heather Shead, Margaret Richardson, Stuart Poole 9 David Hayre, Phil Jacklin, David Flynn 22; Steve Jackson, Dave Richardson, George Barber 21 June Taylor, Len Marshall 13.

Ketton Kites 31 (1 point) Stamford Town D 67 (9 points) Ketton names first: Pat Kelman, Paul Galloway, Bob Kelman 9 Ivy Ward, Michael Winter, Keith Mansell 24, Geoff Timms, Keith Kinkade, Chris Middleton 17 Jan Marshall, Len Ward, Linda Starbuck 17; Ken White, Pat Banks, Ray Harvey 15 John Burton, Trevor Morley, Dennis Starbuck 26.

Stafford Wallace skipped Ketton Kingfishers’ best rink in their win over club rivals Ketton Kestrels. (13345254)
Stafford Wallace skipped Ketton Kingfishers’ best rink in their win over club rivals Ketton Kestrels. (13345254)

Results and rink scores for matches played on Friday, June 28

Division One

Blackstones B 48 (4 points) Langtoft Pearl 48 (6 points) Blackstones names first: Chick Veasey, Sharon Bailey, David Hudson 15 Geoff Tinson, Bill Ives, Brian Patman 17; Ken Rawlins, Mick Owen, Terry Smith 14 Angela Cox, Nick Carr, Richard Montgomery 18; Jay Travis-Jenner, Dusty Miller, Paul Bailey 19 Nolan Catterwell, Paul Christophy, Josh Homewood 13.

Market Deeping Regals 54 (2 points) Ketton Kingfishers 62 (8 points) Regals names first: Dave Roberts, Martin Hawkes, Chris Bines 29 Maggie Holden, Nigel Trigg, Paul Pheasant 14; Sue Biggin, Alan Bulmer, Mick Biggin 13 Denis Stapleton, John Russell, Bob Warters 23; Alex Denniston, Nobby Clark, Ken Rouiller 15 Allan Pearce, John Little, Stafford Wallace 25.

Ketton Kestrels 58 (8 points) Bourne Woods 49 (2 points). Ketton’s names first: Elizabeth Wallace, Martin Wallace, Chris Ford 21 Alec March, Keith Turner, Steve Buffrey 20; Helen Tilley Ron Tilley, David Tilley 10 John Banks, Mel Thompson, John Rastall 19; Elaine Upton, Shirley Suffling, Len Warrington 27 Val Thompson, Ray Baker, John Pearson 10.

Barnack Saxons 58 (8 points) Oakham A 53 (2 points). Barnack names first: John Innes, John Taylor, Martyn Dennis 27 Graham Cole, Beryl Birch, Reg Wadsworth 11; Pay Gyles, Charlie Jones, Martyn Parker 15 Janet Rogers, John Rogers, Paul Murrant 27; Jan Parr, Mike Parr, Phil Symonds 16 Gail Robertson, Ros Carter, Ray Gregory 15.

Division Two

Market Overton Tornadoes 57 (8 points) Colsterworth 46 (2 points) Tornadoes names first: Ann Cusdin, Sue Fleckney, Chris Fleckney 15 Kevin Atter, Mick Needham 14; Mary Slater, Jonny Abbott, Brian Snow 18 Margaret Hotchin, Mark Robinshaw, Barry Grosse 21, Colleen Laker, Dave Laker, Richard Lambert 24 Carla Atter, Keith Fraser, Vic Wright 11.

Greetham Valley Robins 57 (6 points) Wittering 53 (4 points) Robins names first: Roger Clarke, Stuart FitzJohn, Neil Crees 24 Brian Greeves, David Pusch, Mick Smith 14; Jane O’Donnell, Malc Metcalfe, Bruce Strickland 20 Dave Burton, Mitch Willoughby, Ally McNaughton 21; Barbara Watson, Bryony Batch, Rita Knapp 13 Henry Gordon, Rick Symonds, Glenn Willoughby 18.

Carlby Corgies 44 (2 points) Empingham 62 ( 8 points) Carlby names first: Simon Flatters, John Todd, Nick Flatters 15 John McPherson, Mike Ramsden, Mary Udale 16; Richard Clark, Sue Lane, Ian Cooke20 Fay Simmons, Jim Ritchie, Rock Simmons 13; Iris Clark, Lucy Cooke 9 Malcolm Mann, Vic Pheasant, Jonathan Corby 33.

Division Three

Oakham D 39 (0 points) Market Deeping Royals 75 (10 points) Oakham names first: Peter Grainger, Sandra Grainger, Clive Morris 13 Mike Page, Mike Bumfrey, Roy Markham 22 Pam Houlden, Dave Hamston, Ian Munro12 Juli Nolan, Mick Caldwell, Mel Des Camps25; Fiona Munro, Michael Timms, Ann Newton 14 Jeff Bell, Paul Gillender, Bryan Bolem 18.

Greetham 45 (2 points) Blackstones A 57 (8 points) Greetham names first: Roger Oakes, Paul Phillips, George Ruff 23 John King,Paul Buckley, Sean Perry 19; Violet Luckhurst, Deb Devoto, David Isaac 10 Brian Young, Audrey Perry, James Perry 20; Paul Devoto, Debbie Oakes, Chris Trant 12 Gary Shell, Dave cox, Julian Perry 18.

Ketton Kites 57 (8 points) Carlby Bees 47 (2 points) Ketton names first: Pat Kelman, Paul Galloway, Bob Kelman 27 Heather Shead, Steve Jackson, Dave Richardson 11; Ken White, Pat Banks, Ray Harvey 22 Roger Shead, Steve Fowkes, George Barber 16; Tony Dolby, David McLaughton, Chris Middleton 8 Margaret Richardson, Dave Beaton, Sturt Poole 20.

Barnack Vikings 80 (10 points) Stamford Town D 32 0 (points) Barnack names first: Graham Wootten, Janet Clark, Richard Christopher 30 Helga Ellis, Trevor Morley, Dennis Starbuck 7; Roger Howard, Ivor Ablitt, Sheila Howard 23 John Burton, Michael Winter, Len Ward 12; Sue Mackay, Angelo Passero, Salvitore Foglia 27 Ivy Ward, John Renshaw, Keith Hansell 13.

Bourne Eau 114 (10 points) Market Deeping Regis 26 (0 points) Bourne names first: Chris Muggeridge, Tony Dunthorne, Roger Gough 27 Peter Allen, John Bates 17; Jackie Noble, Joan Thompson, Betty Wright 49 Peter Hall, Muriel Allen 5; Celia Pearson, Mick Middleton, Keith Baker 38 Allan McArthur, John Dunnett 4.

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