Leah and Karen make it a mother and daughter double

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Leah and Karen Clark made it a mother and daughter double, winning the 2012 Bourne Town Harriers Christmas Handicap races at Bourne Wood on Sunday.

Different members set off at different time slots based on their handicap and it was simply a case of chasing down everyone in front of you to become the winner.

The junior race was won by Leah who finished just ahead of Ethan Ellison and Megan Ellison.

Other juniors were Beth Howells, Alex Stubley, Molly Bennett, Oliver Smith, Martin Clarke, Dan Lawrance, Keeley Caven and Sam Hare.

In the senior race Karen managed to make it a family double, piping Joe Howells by a few seconds and Keith Evans into third.

The other seniors running were Shaun Hill, Mick Howells, Sue Stevens, Roland Stevens, Mark Ellison, Richard Houghton, Richard Pearson, Penny Lamb, Matt Grace, Paul Beland, Louise Swallow, Peter Swallow, Brian McLean, Rob Caven, Jo Bradshaw, Rachel Kemp, Dave Grace, Mark Cochran, Malcolm Scriven.

On Sunday the Harriers race at the Lincolnshire Cross Country County Championships at Louth. They will then be back in action as the North Midlands League Cross Country race at Cranwell on January 12, and the next round of the Frostbite series, at March, on January 13.

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