Logan sits purple test

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MEMBERS of the BCKA Kung Fu and Kick-boxing club, which trains in Oakham, Uppingham and Melton Mowbray took senior belt and sash gradings at Corby recently.

Among the group of eight was Oakham’s Logan Penniston, who aged just six, qualified for his purple belt.

The skills of Madeleine Partridge, Heather Richardson and Paul McLernon were also tested for purple grades, while Andy Cregan and John Wiles went for Kung Fu’s brown sash.

Among the tests for the Kung Fu pair were long staff and knife defence demonstrations and they also had to learn Chinese terminology.

Instructor Colm Watling and Simon Grimes sat kick-boxing tests for black belts which included shadow fighting and sparring which was rounded off with punches through pieces of wood.

Instructor Brent Peniston said: “Well done to all the students who took a grading.”

Classes are at Oakham Scout Hut on Sundays, at Lands’ End on Mondays and at Uppingham Community College on Tuesdays. To find out more call Brent 01664 562286, e-mail pennistonbrent@hotmail.com or visit www.bckakickboxing.com.