Big wins keep up the Rockets’ great start to the season

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Rutland Rockets’ promising start to the season continued with excellent victories for the first and second teams.

The Rockets first team beat Soar valley by a massive 53-15 scoreline while the second team beat Caterpillar 32-26.

Rutland’s first team led by just two goals at the end of the first quarter, and with some great balls into the shooting circle from Gracie Kirton they pulled away in the second period.

They never stopped adding to their goal tally and, despite some wild passes at times, the team played well with Megan Scott, Kirton and Lydia Grice in great form.

Rutland Rockets: Celia Cunningham, Kara Kataiwai, Megan Scott, Gracie Kirton, Lydia Grice, Francesca Kennard-Kettle and Scarlett Kennedy.

Just three weeks into the league, the Rockets second team secured their third win

The dominated the first half, moving the ball quickly and taking an early lead.

Caterpillars were put under pressure and the Rockets capitalised on their opponnets’ mistakes with Holly Johnstone and Amber McAuliffe making suburb interceptions.

As Rockets entered the third quarter, they were only one goal ahead but with Lauren Cotton’s tight marking and Poppy pencer picking up stray passes, the Rockets held on.

In the final quarter, the Rockets were on fire, running rings around Caterpillar. Kitty Kirton kept her ground against a strong goalkeeper and scored with several long distance shots, with rebounds picked up by Hannah Cooper.

Rockets showed excellent teamwork and communication throughout.

Rutland Rockets 2nd: Lauren Cotton, Amber McAuliffe, Poppy Spencer, Becky Bond, Holly Johnstone, Hannah Cooper, Kitty Kirton.