Biggest brown of the season taken at Rutland Water

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Brown trout have been showing well with the biggest Brown of the season to date being caught last Saturday.

This splendid 8lb 12oz specimen was taken by Stanley McCart from Northern Ireland. Stanley, who fishes for the Emerald Islanders, was practicing for the Anglian Water Airflo International final on today (Tuesday) and tomorrow.

The fish was caught with a size 10 cruncher on a floating line.

The biggest rainbow of the week was caught by Michael Wiggins of Oakham. This was one of three fish that were tagged for the recent WaterAid Flyfishing Challenge held at Rutland on September 12. The 5lb 6oz rainbow fell to a Diawl Bach fished on a floating line.

A number of rainbows and browns in the 3-5lb range are showing, especially close in. Fish out in the open water are averaging around the 2lb mark.

Anglers have again found fish in many areas of Rutland with boats catching from the bottom of the South Arm all the way through to the main basin and the North.

Bank anglers have been out in numbers with fish showing from around New Zealand Point, Normanton and Sykes Lane.

Whilst on the Peninsula fish came from Old Hall, Yellowstones, Spud Bay through to Carrot Creek and the Finches down to the Transformer. There are still a good number of fish out in the middle of the reservoir, feeding on small buzzers while the bigger fish are close into the shoreline feeding on a variety of food with anything from sticklebacks, fry, corixa and snails.

Fish tend to be high up in the water with a good number of anglers having success on floating lines, with nymphs, dries and fry patterns. Two boats last Wednesday caught fish deeper with lures down the North Arm with good Rainbows and Browns, many in the 3-5lb bracket.

At the end of last week anglers started to make their way from all parts of the British Isles and from further afield, including Northern Ireland, France, Belgium, the Orkneys, and Shetland Islands for Anglian Water Airflo International.

Twenty three teams will compete for the coveted silver salver. Some teams have had up to three days of practice – the crucial match days are Tuesday 31 September and Wednesday 1 October.

Week results:

The week’s best rainbow was 6lb 2 3/8oz taken by M Wiggins of Oakham.

Best brown weighed in at 8ib 12oz taken by Stanley McCart of Northern Ireland.

The best boat areas are out in the open water from Old Hall through to the Dam and middle of the North Arm. Big fish are around the weedbeds.

Best bank areas are the Peninsula, Old Hall, Yellowstone, Spud Bay. Barnhill and Carrot Creek, the Finches. Also Normanton and Sykes Lane.

Best methods on the bank and boat have been fry, nymphs and dries. Mini lures have also been successful in the boats.

The mid week boat winner was Arthur Sykes from Skegness.