Bowls: All to play for as Oakham lose lead in trophy bid

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Keyworth 131 
Oakham 96

Oakham suffered a heavy defeat by 35 shots in the third leg of four in the OK Trophy played at Keyworth.

This means that Oakham now trail by three shots going into the final leg at home on Saturday with all to play for.

This defeat was despite the heroics of the rink skipped by Denis Smith which won by 21 shots and became the third Oakham rink in as many weeks to achieve a ‘Hot Shot’ - all eight shots in one end. Oakham’s only other winning rink was skipped by John Rogers.

Scores: Peter Gleeson, Ken Jennings, Barrie Payne and Denis Smith won 34-13; Gwyn Davies, John Moore, Terry Thurman and John Rogers won 21-17; Bob Spence, Brian Garner, Bob Swarbrick and Bob Hammond lost 15-20; Eileen Wright, Jack Pearce, Gail Robertson and Chris Wallis lost 10-27; Lyn Walters, Beryl Birch, Rod Stanley and Alan Jones lost 7-25; Ray Gregory, Mike Hardy, Norman Coville and Ivan Lang lost 9-29.

Oakham Ladies 74

Oadby Ladies 41

Oakham Ladies continued their run of winning games by beating Oadby Ladies by the considerable margin of 33 shots, winning on all three rinks.

Scores: Rosemary Gregory, Peter Ferry, Mary Smith and Janet Horwood won 25-13; Mary Heatherill, Julie Healy, Di Culshaw and Beryl Birch won 24-13; Eileen Wright, Tony Flower, Maureen Walters and Barbara Phillips won 25-15.