Club expansion provides the perfect opportunity to join

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One of Rutland’s largest sports clubs, is set to grow again in 2013 due to an expansion of its coaching team and sprung floor training area.

Vale Judo Club is running a series of beginners’ courses for children and adults of all ages in January.

Head coach Mike Newton said: “The club prides itself on being able to offer judo classes that will suit the diverse interests of the girls, boys, men and women.

“We offer opportunities for people to participate in recreational, technical, competitive and fitness orientated classes as well as providing opportunities for children and adults to develop additional skills as referees, time keepers, competition officials, committee members and coaches.”

Each beginner’s course runs over a two month period and classes are repeated every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning so that participants can attend one or both classes.

The Kano class for five to seven year olds is designed to help young children develop agility, confidence and social skills. It meets at 9.30am on Saturdays and 6.10pm on Tuesdays.

The next group is for children aged between eight and 11 and meets 10.30am on Saturdays and 7pm on Tuesdays.

The class is designed to provides children with a grounding in judo techniques ahead of gradings or competitions.

The youth class for secondary age school children follows the primary classes.

It also provides the opportunity for the older children to become judo officials as well as opportunities to travel throughout the UK and abroad to competitions, courses and training camps.

Senior classes for anybody over 16 are on Tuesdays at 8pm and on Saturdays at 11.30am.

Each cost course costs £50 and includes membership, fees for two months plus hire of a judo suit.

For details and to register e-mail, call Mike on 01572 813531, or visit