Cyclist breaks record at 24-hour race

Tom Wragg in action in Strathpuffer 24hr endurance cycle race
Tom Wragg in action in Strathpuffer 24hr endurance cycle race
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A cyclist who grew up in Rutland was part of a team to conquer one of endurance cycling’s toughest challenges.

Former Oakham School pupil Tom Wragg, who grew up in Whissendine and now lives in Stamford, was one of four riders to win the team event at the 24-hour marathon mountain bike endurance race, Strathpuffer 24.

Wragg, 24, and his team, Flatout Cycles, also set a new record for the most number of laps ridden on the Scottish course, completing the circuit 43 times and covering a massive 473km.

Wragg, who runs internet bike business Flatout Cycles in Langtoft, said: “It was tough. It is the hardest thing I have done.

“I have done a 12-hour solo event before, which on paper sounds harder but it wasn’t.

“This was the most epic race I’ve taken part in, with awesome friends and some awesome memories.

“We were gob-smacked with how well it went.”

Flatout Cycles beat a field of about 90 teams to claim the title.

The team spent months preparing for the race both mechanically and physically.

Wragg put much of his team’s success down to their advanced light system, provided by Lupine lights which allowed the team to push on at near top speeds at night.

Wragg said: “The lights were a big advantage. They are so good they are like car head lights.

“But it was still hair-raising stuff, racing in the dark.

“You have to commit to lines - the good thing is by the time it gets dark you know the course well.”

The team was made up of Joe Norledge, Tom Scott-Collins and James Hyde, 
who Wragg meet competing in cycle competitions regionally.

Wragg took the first lap of the race with a Le Mans-style start.

After the first lap, the team were in third but by the third lap had taken the lead and continued to increase their gap over their opposition for the next 24 gruelling hours.

The race was also filmed for The Adventure Show which is shown on BBC 2 Scotland and on iPlayer.

Flatout Cycles were heavily featured and interviewed for the show.