Early start for Rod’s retirement farewell

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THERE will be a shotgun start at 7.30am at Burghley Park on Monday with 22 teams of four.

At about 12.30 a presentation will be made to Rod Wright, the club’s bar steward, who is retiring. Members are welcome to come and make their farewells.

l BURGHLEY Park C team had an enjoyable outing against St Neots.

Winners were Jon Tyrell/Phil Bell and Dave Lennie/Tony Blakeman; losers Richard Cook/Mick Chapman, Jon Sewell/Nigel Pugh and Paul Woods/Gerry Clark. Richard Gilbert/Paul Ramm scored a half in their match when a win would have given a shared result overall.

They were less kindly treated at Belton Park where only a half in the last match by Paul Woods/Jon Tyrell saved a whitewash.

l THE home leg of the Social match against Greetham Valley saw seven wins and three halves to give Burghley a 8.5–1.5 start ahead of the second leg in September.

Richard Cook/Paul Ramm beat Jim Wheeler/Geoff Woolley; Terry Moss/Dave Lennie halved with Martin Broughton/Bob Beverley; Jon Tyrell/Steward Ward beat Mick Fish/Ian Cunningham; Graham Bedford/Alan Cole beat Dennis Millington/Fred Aspin; Maurice Egglestone/Tony Blakeman halved with Kevin Hingle/Peter Zimmer Smith; Nigel Pugh/Jon Sewell halved with Peter de Kramer/Neil Crees; Paul Dove/Richard Goodson beat Steven Major/John Herbert; Joe Wieckowski/Rick Levin beat Gary Graham/Neil Bradbury; Mick Chapman/Mike Beaumont beat Alastair Hamilton/Keith Goodale; Stuart Busby/Bill O’Driscoll beat Ray Hughes/Chris Wheatland.

l THE mixed match against Rutland County was halved three matches each.

Keith Duff/Sue Churchill beat Gerry McIntyre/Trish Clarke; Dave Devlin/Mary Sharpe beat Andy Vernon/Michelle Garrity; Brian Churchill/Gill Bedford lost to Graham/Jackie Cole; Tony Caruth/Joan Hickman lost to Paul/Anne Milsom; Peter Hickman/Shirley Caruth beat Alan/Ann Shuttleworth; Donald Macmillan/Jan Devlin lost to Phil Jordan/Jenny Cobb.

l THE mixed Greensomes Open was won with 39 points by Terry Moss/Elaine Brown who were captains together in 1997. Second, third and fourth places went to visitors with Paul/Chris Redfern taking fifth with 36 points.