Entertaing ties between the top teams

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MTTG Eastfield have enjoyed two close matches this week in Division 1 of the Stamford and Rutland Table Tennis League.

Hosting Stamford School, they were indebted to Senior British League player Miroslav Vala for their 6-4 victory.

In a good-natured encounter, Miro was unbeaten and Steve Williams won twice; for the academics, Denise Jacobi with two wins and Richard Henry kick-started their season with points for the academics.

MTTG Eastfield also hosted Braunston A but on this occasion lost out by a 6-4 scoreline. Despite Adam Jepson winning his three matches, the trio of Graham Cooper, Chuck Kershaw and Brian Bodycote did enough to secure maximum points.

Stamford School’s second outing was against newly promoted Uffington CC A, and it was the cricketers who finished with the 8-2 victory.

Matt Durrands saved a match point against Richard Henry on his way to a full-house, and Greg Baker joined him with a maximum. Rutwik Zapake, who enjoyed success in the Junior League last season, made his debut for the school and impressed with both his fearless play and smiling sportsmanship.

Eastfield C continued their early dominance of Division 2 with an 8-2 win over Uffington CC B. Mark Harding and Martin Paluga were the spurs for this victory, being unbeaten in singles and joining forces for the doubles encounter.

Bourne D, following a tough first match at Braunston ‘B’, have bounced back with two convincing wins. A 10-0 trouncing of their clubmates Bourne ‘E’ was followed by a 9-1 win at home to Tallington ‘B’. Stuart Wills, Chris Holland and Kevin Greenfield were the Bourne players who enjoyed the successful evenings.

Tallington B suffered at the bats of Bourne C. The Bourne line-up of Clive Jackson, Mike Shattock and Kevin Day suggests that they might be the team to test Eastfield’s dominance.