Fast-paced ties shake up league standings

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Rutland County Netball League featured several fast paced matches this week which dramatically altered the league standings across both divisions.

Oakham Ospreys met Mercury in the first division one match of the night, and Ospreys got off to a flying start thanks to the return of Vickie Bradley, who netted a number of key goals to take her team to a comfortable lead at the end of the first quarter.

Mercury fought back in the second and third thanks to a strong defensive performance from Danni Saunders, and Alice Dunn held her own to bring the score level going into the fourth quarter.

However, Ospreys soared to victory in the final quarter thanks to outstanding team work from the attacking partnership of Nicola Shaw and Tracy Spencer to win 23-13.

Fusion dominated Division two’s first match of the night against Rutland Jewells, thanks to an appearance from GS Dannii Donnovan, who plays with fellow RCNL team Cavells in the Stamford Netball League.

Fusion led 9-0 after the first quarter and although Jewells had a better second and fourth quarters, with Heather Walwork on target, the game was already lost and Fusion were deserved 32-6 winners.

Pink Panthers quickly took the lead against Cavells but thanks to a strong defensive performance from Carly Latham and accurate shooting from Laura Wilkinson and Tina Sayers, Cavells pulled it back.

Panthers dominated in the second quarter but by the third, Cavells started to stretch ahead, and eventually won 36-24.

Stan’s Stars took on Rutland Belles for the second week running in division two, and Stars were looking to revenge.

The match was tight throughout with Stars 9-8 ahead at half time. Stars pulled 14-11 in front in the third quarter but Amanada Mason and Jo Kelly worked together to score five goals to level at 16-16 in the final quarter.


Rutland County Netball League

Division One

P W L D F A Pts

Ospreys 3 2 1 0 62 71 11

Cavells 2 2 0 0 67 36 10

DPs 2 2 0 0 64 14 10

Panthers 3 1 2 0 85 83 9

Mercury 4 0 4 0 47 121 5

Division Two

Jewells 4 2 2 0 67 82 13

Bells 4 1 2 1 48 69 11

Mr G’s Girls 2 2 0 0 46 18 10

Fusion 2 2 0 0 59 14 10

Stars 3 0 0 3 35 72 4