Five match unbeaten run

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Oakham 87 Belgrave 79

OAKHAM’S Thursday team won a closely fought match by eight shots to extend their unbeaten run to five matches.

Oakham were victors on four of the five rinks; the best performance coming from the rink skipped by Barrie Payne which won by 10 shots.

Scores: David Morgan, Robin Bickers, John Moore, Barrie Payne won 24–14; John Poulton, Rod Groombridge, Alan Jones, Bob Hammond won 17–12; Nigel Trigg, Peter Ferry, Gwyn Davies, Ron Smurthwaite won 18–16; Norman Coville, Brian Garner, Gail Robertson, Chris Wallis won 16–15; Les Wright, Lin Walters, Rod Stanley, Rick Tarleton lost 12-22.

Humberstone 60 Oakham 40

PLAYING away on a difficult green, Oakham Ladies had a disappointing result in their game against Humberstone. Janet Wright was Oakham’s only winning skip.

Scores: Pam Stanley, Di Culshaw, Eileen Wright, Janet Wright won 12–16; Kath Rowlands, Yvonne Poulton, Maureen Walters, Jenny Bateman lost 24–11; Joan Hawkins, Jenny Owen, Ros Carter and Beryl Birch lost 24–13.

Oakham 74 Westcotes 89

A LACKLUSTRE performance at home saw Oakham’s bowlers lose to Westcotes by 15 shots on Saturday.

Barrie Payne skippered the only successful Oakham rink, coming from behind to win by eight shots.

Scores: Lin Walters, Jack Pearce, Gwyn Davies, Denis Smith lost 13–20; Roger Hale, Richard Ward, Bob Hammond, Chris Wallis lost 15–17; Chris Smith, David Hillier, Nigel Trigg, Rick Tarleton lost 15–22; Les Wright, Bill Stewart, Alan Jones, Ron Smurthwaite lost 11–18; Eddie Owen, Derek Bury, Peter Ferry, Barrie Payne won 20-12.