Hampton climb the table in the Stamford and Rutland Table Tennis League

Stamford and Rutland Table Tennis League coach Steve Williams with the competitors. Photo by Richard Henry
Stamford and Rutland Table Tennis League coach Steve Williams with the competitors. Photo by Richard Henry
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Hampton have been busy with two wins and a draw to ease into second in Division 1 of the Stamford and Rutland Table Tennis League.

They beat Stamford Free Church 10-0 and in a 6-4 win over Stamford School, Rod Hatton survived match points against both Leigh Ware and Richard Henry, which proved crucial as the Academics’ pairing picked up four points.

Dave Rowell was unbeaten for Hampton in their draw with Uffington CC ‘A’, for whom Rod Goss and Kevin Gladders each won twice.

Eastfield ‘A’ continue to win, but an inspired Ware won all his matches for Stamford School as the champs edged to a 6-4 win. Shaun Murray and Aaron Shaheed won twice for Eastfield, plus the doubles.

Two-man MTTG earned maximum points against Uffington CC ‘A’ with Dave Needham and Andy Goodacre unbeaten.

Hampton 6 Stamford School 4

Rod Hatton 3/Ashley Sterry 2/Simon Le Provost 1

Richard Henry 2/Leigh Ware 1 + doubles (Richard and Leigh)

Stamford Free Church 0 Hampton 10

John Chambers/Rob Elliott

Rod Hatton 3/Neal Wilson 3/Dave Rowell 3 + doubles (Rod and Dave)

Stamford School 4 Eastfield A 6

Leigh Ware 3/Richard Henry 1/Rutwik Zapake

Shaun Murray 2/Aaron Shaheed 2/Michael Peacock 1 + doubles (Shaun and Aaron)

Uffington CC A 5 Hampton 5

Rod Goss 2/Kevin Gladders 2/Trevor Carter + doubles

Rod Hatton 1/Dave Rowell 3/Neal Wilson 1

Uffington CC A 4 MTTG 6

Brian Spittlehouse 2/Trevor Carter 1/Rod Goss 1

Dave Needham 3/Andy Goodacre 3 + 
doubles (Andy and Dave)

Division Two

Eastfield ‘C’ enjoyed a 7-3 win over Uffington CC ‘B’ which included a full-house for JJ Otahal and two wins for Marek Betlej. Martyn Dennis replied with two wins.

Braunston ‘B’ closed the gap on Tallington ‘A’ in second with a 7-3 win over them. Basil Bagshaw got three wins, with Bill Seese two. Paul Ramm replied with a brace for Tallington.

Nomads suffered two defeats. Nick McDowall was unbeaten against Bourne ‘B’, but Kevin Greenfield and Stuart Wills each won twice before Chris Holland joined Stuart to secure the doubles point. Against Uffington CC ‘B’, McDowall won twice more, but Dennis was unbeaten for Uffington and Martyn Willgress won twice.

Bourne TTC B 6 Nomads 4

Kevin Greenfield 2/Chris Holland 1/Stuart Wills 2 + doubles (Stuart and Chris)

Nick McDowall 3/Nick Goodman 1/Wes Durston

Braunston B 7 Tallington A 3

Basil Bagshaw 3/Vic Hoffman 1/Bill Seese 2 + doubles (Basil and Bill)

Paul Ramm 2/Richard Allen 1/Kevin Toomey

Eastfield C 7 Uffington CC B 3

Marek Betlej 2/J J Otahal 3/Zdenek (Danny) Hulinsky 1

Martyn Dennis 2/Chris Alston/Martyn 
Willgress + doubles

Nomads 4 Uffington CC B 6

Nick McDowall 2/Nick Goodman 1 + doubles (Nick and Nick)

Martyn Dennis 3/Chris Alston 1/Martyn Willgress 2

Ketco Cup: Preliminary Round

Eastfield B 5 Braunston B 3

Miroslav Vala 3/Steven Gray 2/Stephen Williams

Brian Bodycote 2/Carl Slevin 1/Chuck Kershaw

Ketco Cup: First Round

Eastfield A 1 Tallington A 5

Michael Peacock 1/Aaron Shaheed/Shaun Murray

Richard Allen 2/Paul Ramm 2/Kevin Toomey 1

Stamford School pairing Marco Pierbattisti and Alexander Henry won Division 1 of a junior event.

The runners-up were the SES trio of Matthew Smith, Ollie Dore and Lauren Bullimore.

The Division 2 competition between four teams was won by Stamford School pairing, Joey Evison and Ben Lawrence. Second place went to the Cambridgeshire trio of Matthew Pryke, Amo Singh and Wilson Wang.

A handicap contest for the Division 2 teams saw the final won by 10-year-old Matthew Pryke (11), who beat Joey Evison (6) 31-27.