Help Hannah Willoughby with her bowling dream

Hannah Willoughby
Hannah Willoughby
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A YOUNG bowler is looking for sponsorship to help her compete at a global level.

Hannah Willoughby, 15, from Wittering, has been a keen ten-pin-bowler for a number of years and has been successful at regional, national and international level.

This year she took part in the National Association of Youth Bowling Clubs’ Junior Tour England and finished in the top 20.

She attends the association’s academy, based in Sheffield, and was selected to represent them in the World Sports Festival in Vienna, Austria, in July.

Hannah bowled 18 games in the team and individual events and qualified top in the female under-18 category, before narrowly missing out in the final and coming away with a silver medal.

Hannah, a pupil at Arthur Mellows Village College in Glinton, is hoping to continue her progress on the international stage.

But she needs sponsorship to help pay for her academy membership, which costs £200 a year, tournament entry fees and equipment.

Hannah said: “Making the England trials was my goal this year and I was extremely pleased with where I finished.

“The new season starts in September so I want to finish higher in the standings because getting in the trials at the higher age group of under 18s is harder.

“I want to focus more on my training and work harder.”

To enter the England trials Hannah needs to compete in seven tournaments, while the European trials require up to 11.

Each tournament costs between £25 and £40, and that is before taking into consideration travel costs and the price and maintenance of equipment.

A typical bowling ball that Hannah uses can set her back between £160 and £190.

Hannah has already secured some sponsorship from Colin Bell Menswear in Sheep Market, Stamford.

But she would love to get more support so she can achieve her dream of competing in European and international tournaments.

If you would like to help, call 01780 783438 or e-mail