Hotly-contested final games in store for bowls league

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A string of hotly-contested final games are in store in all leagues as Stamford Indoor Bowls Club draws to the end of a very busy and successful indoor season.

Bowling takes place on six days of the week including three days with league 
activity and roll-up and drive sessions on the other three days.

Monday Evening Triples is closely contested between Kilo and Charlie. With both having won their last two games, this league looks likely to be decided on the very final evening.

Wednesday Division 1 is being fought to the final bell with The Wakes and EON both losing their last games to set up a thrilling finale.

Division 2 could also go either way between Freshstart and Geriatrics who have both won their last games and will be watching each other with eagle eyes in the next two weeks.

Friday Evening Triples is this season’s new league and has been very successful and enjoyable for all taking part. Ford are the only ‘run-away’ leaders in any of the leagues, having established an unassailable lead with 31 points, but the next few places are closely contested and augurs well for good competition next season.

The club’s winter season will soon start and free coaching sessions are arranged for the mornings of September 21 and 28. All are welcome with all equipment supplied but please arrive at the club on Exeter Gardens by about 9am.