Jewells remain top despite defeat

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Rutland Jewells remain top of the Rutland County Winter Netball League’s second division despite their first defeat of the season.

Jewells, who were missing some key players, lost 21-14 to Mr Gray’s Girls on Thursday at Catmose Sports Centre despite taking an early lead.

Gray’s Girls were at full strength but the first quarter ended with Jewells 6-3 ahead.

However, Gray’s Girls had an outstanding second quarter, with great interceptions from Jody Cripps and accurate shooting from Claire Miller putting them 11-8 ahead at half time.

Jewells’ star shooter Caroline Drage was put under enormous pressure by Gray’s defensive partnership of Alex Presley and Michelle Osborne, and despite a sterling effort from stand in goal defence Michelle Pickersgill and goalkeeper Kathi Aylward, Jewells fell to their first defeat of the season.

Jewells: Kathi Aylward, Michelle Pickersgill, Jo Harley, Heather Wallwork, Katy Duncan, Caroline Drage. Rutland Jewells players’ player: Kathi Aylward.

Gray’s Girls: Alex Presley, Michelle Osborne, Laura Gale, Jody Cripps, Toors Utteley, Hannah Tan, Hannah Brown, Emma Reynolds, Georgina Atkins, Clare Miller. Gray’s Girls players’ player: Jody Cripps.

Stan’s Stars met Rutland Belles in the second division two game of the night, with both teams hoping for their first win.

Stars took an early lead with the partnership between Kat McKenna and Mel Asher appearing to improve with every goal scored.

Belles had a slow start and trailed 8-5 at half-time. However, Louise Beaver continued her defensive dominance and her interceptions put pressure on Stars’ attacking duo, limiting them to just four goals in the second half.

Belles attacking duo made amends for their slow start and with nine goals in the second half beat Belles 14-12.

Belles: Jo Nicholls, Louise Beaver, Kate Maxim, Amber O’Berg, Jane Booth, Amanade Mason, Jo Kelly. Players’ player: Louise Beaver.

Stars: Michelle Pugh, Anna Robinson, Nicola Forbes, Sam Lake, Tracey Worthington, Mel Asher, Kat McKenna, Danielle Munton. Players’ player: Sam Lake.

In division one, Oakham Ospreys met Pink Panthers in what proved to be an exciting and tense game.

Ospreys were missing goal attack Vickie Bradley and this was notable in the first half as Panthers stormed to a 16-9 lead.

Naomi Cooper and Penny Cooper were on top form while defensively Lucy Eayrs picked up a number of stray balls and made several key interceptions.

Panthers made several positional changes in the second half but despite more solid performances these changes enabled Ospreys to make their mark.

Goalkeeper Pam Chamberlain had an incredible second half, collecting a number of balls and was supported by a fantastic performance at wing defence by Amber Mcainliffe who fed a number of key balls to Marianne Hooper.

Ospreys’ Nicola Shaw netted several goals, often from the edge of the D, and this enabled Ospreys to cling on in the final seconds to win 25-24.

Ospreys dedicated the match to Vickie Bradley and her sister who passed away this week.

Ospreys: Gemma Hughes, Pam Chamberlain, Amber Mcainliffe, Marianne Hooper, Katie Burton, Tracy Spencer, Nicola Shaw. Players’ player: Pan Chamberlain.

Panthers: Kate Mc Cagney, Lucy Eayrs, Laura Bursey, Cath McComb, Clare Bloomer, Penny Cooper, Naomi Cooper, Kim Wills, Zoe Frendin. Players’ player: Cath McCombe.

The first planned division one match of the night was conceded by Mercury, allowing DPs move to the top of the tables thanks to a gift of five points and 30 clear goals.