Judo: Pupils battle it out at schools competition

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THE fiercely contested Rutland Schools Judo Festival returned with 17 primary and six secondary schools represented.

Players were grouped according to weight, age and grade, with the results entered into an Olympic style medal table.

The day kicked off with the secondary competition, where Casterton Business and Enterprise College proved to be the dominant force.

With gold medals going to Emma Philip, Megan Rowley and Callum Rowley, and silvers to Alex Cutforth and Joe Potter, the college topped the medal table, retaining the title they won last year.

The primary competition saw a good level of judo from novices and experienced players alike, with the medals scattered amongst the schools.

However, gold medals for sisters Helena and Georgie Lamb and fellow pupils Edward Barnacle and Monty Hemsley led Langham Primary School to victory for the second year running.

With some excellent judo on display Throw of the Day trophies were awarded to Georgie Lamb (primary) and William Astill (secondary), and, in keeping with the judo ethos of good sportsmanship and respect, Spirit of Judo trophies were awarded to Jessica Falconer (primary) and Lily Hemsley (secondary).

The club thanked junior referees; Joe Potter Oli Blake, Lauren Gear, Meg Rowley, Callum Rowley, Ben Buckby and Clemence Barnes, and timekeepers; Sofia Palmer, Alex Cutforth, Emma Philip, Daniel Bennett and Rory Stapleton, who helped ensure that the day ran smoothly.


Primary: Group 1: 1 Helena Lamb, 2 Shannon Sage, 3 Amy Dunlop; Group 2: 1 Georgie Lamb, 2 Ella Warwick, 3 Mary Tomblin; Group 3: 1 Georgie Carnell, 2 Amelia Blake, 3 Abigail Rowley; Group 4: 1 Bryony Cutforth, 2 Antonia Neal, 3 Holly Woolman-Lane; Group 5: 1 Lizzie Potter, 2 Alice Bothwell, 3 Jessica Falconer; Group 6: 1 Sofia Palmer, 2 Lauren Gear; Group 7: 1 Henry Palmer, 2 Finn Simpson, 3 Andrew Dunlop; Group 8: 1 Lewis Tranmer, 2 Oliver Nash, 3 Oliver Hubbard; Group 9: 1 Thomas Carnell, 2 Edward Woolman-Lane, 3 Ryan Doyle, 3 Jonathan Wadding; Group 10: 1 Ryan Shephard, 2 Morgan Kilburn, 3 Charlie Stapleton, 3 Murray Hemsley; Group 11: 1 Monty Hemsley, 2 Ben Gladwinfield, 3 Gabriel Long; Group 12: 1 Ben Buckby, 2 Sam Conboy, 3 James Reseigh; Group 13: 1 Matthew Waters, 2 Luke Wadding, 3 Adam Waters; Group 14: 1 Edward Barnacle, 2 Harrison Cox

Secondary: Group 1: 1 Emma Philip, 2 Lily Hemsley; Group 2: 1 Megan Rowley, 2 Alex Cutforth; Group 3: 1 Callum Rowley, 2 Gabriel Francis-Dehqani, 3 Oliver Blake, 3 Rory Stapleton; Group 4: 1 John Muir, 2 William Astill; Group 5: 1 Daniel Bennett, 2 Joe Potter, 3 Charlie Nunn.