Ladies win a scrappy game

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Rutland Ladies 5

Ely City Ladies 2nd 1

RUTLAND were wary of an Ely side close behind them in the table and began slowly.

This trepidation showed in a scrappy first half with Rutland only managing to score one goal from close range through Sam Davies.

There were some positives to be taken though: In particular, Zoe Farmer made some excellent runs, often carrying the ball from her defensive 25 to the opposition 25.

Ely scored an equaliser early on in the first half but although Rutland’s play improved in the second half, they were still not at their best. Rutland have panicked when they are not in the lead in the past but this time Rutland’s superior fitness and skills paid dividends.

Goals were scored by Rachel Richardson, Harriet Crennell, Ellie Ricketts with a penalty stroke from Anne Pollock. The defence were superb throughout, holding the ball well at the back and pushing forward when required.

Rutland: Vicky Salt, Aimee Blay, Kim Cooil, Zoe Farmer, Hannah Ellwood, Katie Richardson, Rachel Richardson, Ellie Ricketts, Anne Pollock, Sam Davies, Harriet Crennell.

Rutland Ladies 2nd 3

Wisbech Ladies 2nds 0

RUTLAND 2nds took a while to get going and with Wisbech using flat stick defending, Rutland found themselves running into sticks too often in the first half.

Jennifer Pollock scored from a short corner in the first half which lifted Rutland and after half time, Rutland started passing the ball out of trouble.

This change in style lead to two more goals for Rutland scored by Lily Hives and Becci Glover.

This was an important win for Rutland which keeps them in the top half of the table and still in the chase for promotion.

Rutland 2nds: Lucy Ginn, Jennifer Pollock, Ellie Hemmings, Gemma Hall, Lilly Hives, Molly King, Charlie Gregg, Ella Brahmachari, Becci Glover, Hatty Reilly, Fiona Ginn, Rachel Nelson.