Lessons for novice players

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STAMFORD Bridge Club will hold courses for beginners and improvers from later this month.

Paul Double will lead a series of 10 lessons for those who would like to learn to play rubber bridge or duplicate bridge.

The beginners lessons start on Tuesday, January 24 at 9.30am at the club, which is now located at Exeter Gardens.

The aim is to cover sufficient ground to enable everybody attending to play a sensible game of rubber bridge by the end of the course.

An improvers course, also of 10 lessons, will be arranged for those who wish to improve their play or to play duplicate bridge and will start on Thursday, January 26 at 9.30am. Both courses cost £35.

For improving players unable to commit to a course of 10 lessons, Graham Hedley runs workshops and supervised sessions on Wednesdays from 9.30am. The charge is £2.50 per player per session plus £10 to join the club.

For details call Paul Double on 01778 423644.


5 Table Howell, Dec 27, score %: 1st Brian Churchill & Bruce McKenzie 56.48; 2nd Tony Jones & Bob Leyland 52.78; 3rd Sara Harris & Tony Warner-Smith 51.85.

Weds Eve Social Bridge, Dec 28, score %: 1st Bill Chadwick & Chris Heames 61.46; 2nd Alan & Maggie Kinch 60.42; 3rd Graham Hedley & Bill Harris 55.56

6½ Table Howell, Dec 29, score%: 1st Graham Dolby & Andrew Bisson 62.92; 2nd Berry & Graham Hedley 62.50; 3rd Ian McGlynn & Bob Leyland 61.67.