Oakham boast slender early lead

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Oakham Bowling Club have a slender lead after the first leg of the four-match OK Trophy series against Keyworth.

Oakham are keen to win back the Trophy which has been won by Keyworth in the past two seasons and won 93-82 despite only winning on two of the five rinks.

The lead was achieved due to the rinks skipped by Denis Smith and Chris Wallis winning by 15 and 13 shots respectively, more than compensating for the three losses.

Scores: Robin Bickers, Peter Ferry, Gwyn Davies and Denis Smith won 25-10; Bob Spence, Rod Groombridge, Norman Coville and Chris Wallis won 24-11; David Thorne, Brian Garner, Barrie Payne and Alan Jones lost 16-17; Eddie Owen, Mike Hardy, Ray Gregory and Bob Hammond lost 17-21; Lyn Walters, Terry Thurman, Rod Stanley and Ivan Lang lost 11-23.

Oakham’s Saturday men’s team recorded a 103-70 win at St Margaret’s Coop, winning on four of the five rinks.

The most successful rink, skipped by Gail Robertson, won by an outstanding 21 shots. The other winning skips were Chris Wallis, Denis Smith and Bob Hammond.

Scores: Mary Smith, Alan Jones and Gail Robertson won 31-10; Tony Flower, Gwyn Davies and Chris Wallis won 22-15; Ray Wilkins, Barrie Payne and Denis Smith won 19-15; David Thorne, Peter Gleeson and Bob Hammond won 13-11; Lyn Walters, Terry Thurman and Eddie Owen lost 18-19.