Oakham Hookers

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This week’s Oakham Hookers match was at Willow Lakes Foston on Ash Lake .

While the remnants of Hurricane Bertha did its best to disrupt the day all anglers managed to get through the match slightly wet and wind swept but in one piece.

The match itself was won by James Daymond on peg nine, again employing his favourite up in the water tactics with dog biscuit to weigh in 91lbs 4ozs for a comfortable victory.

Second on end peg 14 was Alan Wiggins who caught with paste on the pole down the middle to weigh in 61lbs 04ozs.

Third on peg 4 was Chris Parsons who caught his fish on the pole at 14 metres and weighed in 41lbs 11ozs.Section winners were Claude Wardle 41lbs 09ozs and Paddy Morley 33lbs 08ozs.