Rockets blast off the season with a superb victory

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Rutland Rockets 2nds 30 Melton Sapphires 23

Rutland Rockets launched into their first game of the season and came back with a successful victory. The first quarter saw the Rockets and Sapphires on a pretty even level with goals being scored at both ends, Rockets were tested hard but kept calm and vital goals were secured by Kitty Kirton.

As Rutland entered the second quarter the game was still quite even, McAuliffe and Haracz played a strong defence keeping the play down the Rockets’ end.

However the Rockets made silly mistakes which gave the Sapphires the lead, but only just.

In the third quarter the Rockets clawed back the lead with successful passes down to the attack by Spencer and Gracie Kirton who fed the ball to Cooper resulting in Cooper scoring goal after goal with a strong defence behind her by Turner.

By the final quarter the Rockets had the lead and fought hard for their victory with practiced centre passes by Johnstone and Gracie Kirton resulting in yet more goals by Kitty Kirton with rebounds picked up by spencer. A tough first game back in which the Rockets’ strong fight won them the game.

Rutland Rockets: Grace Haracz, Amber McAuliffe, Poppy Spencer, Polly Turner, Gracie Kirton, Holly Johnstone, Hannah Cooper, Kitty Kirton

Rutland 1sts 54 
Caterpillars 17

Rutland Rockets 1sts’ dominated in their debut match in the adult league.

With shooters Kennard and Kennedy scoring from all sections of the semi-circle, the Rockets were in command from the first whistle.

As the end of the second quarter approached Rutland led by quite a grand score, but tiredness hit during the third quarter and they conceded as many goals as they scored.

The Rockets held their heads up and managed to pull away again in the last quarter to earn a well-deserved 54–17 win.

A game that will hopefully give them the confidence for the rest of the season.

Rutland Rockets: Scarlet Kennedy, Francesca Kennard-Kettle, Natalia Sanz Dawson, Kate Grunwald, Megan Scott, Lydia Grice, Kara Kataiwai, Celia Cunningham