Round-up of Vets news from Oakham Tennis Club

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A round-up of the latest news from Oakham Tennis Club Vets teams.

Over 60s skip Gordon Smith is quite pleased to be finishing in the top half of this group as they have faced strong opposition from some of the biggest clubs in Leicestershire.

The winning of three matches has kept Gordon smiling. He has used a variety of players to complete the fixtures but is always keen to get as many men participating as possible.

In the men’s vets, Mike Dunsford is on tenterhooks as Oakham still have to complete their fixture list in this very competitive top division of the men’s over 45s.

At present they are in seventh, out of nine in the group, and might be demoted, depending on the results of other teams.

Oakham have won one and drawn one which might not be enough to avoid the drop .

Oakham Ladies Vets have scored two good wins recently to keep them well positioned in this top league of the Leics Vets.

Their 8-1 win over David LLoyd saw Debbie Powell, Jackie Staines, Jane Gilmore and Carolyn Davies win what was a very closely contested match, dropping only one set along the way.

Their home match to Oadby was also very closely fought, but bonus points came to the home side eventually. Debbie Powell and Jackie Staines lost one set against the visitors’ 1sts, after running away with their tie against the second pair 6-1, 6-1.

Jane Gilmore and Laura Reekie found the 1sts too resolute, but had a good tussle before losing to them 6-3, 6-2.

They struggled against the 2nds until 5-5 when they broke through to take the first set then were quicker in winning the second in the sultry heat.

There are two matches still to be played against the top two clubs in this division.