Rutland Oaks get the better of Kibworth

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Rutland Oaks defied the odds of to come away with an impressive 4-1 win over Kibworth on Saturday.

The Rutland Oaks knew it was going to be a tough afternoon from the off as they lined up on the pitch two players short, one of them being the team’s goalkeeper.

The heroic captain Tracey Taylor stepped up to play as a kicking back and the whistle for push back blew.

Although the odds were stacked against them the Oaks started strongly, pushing high and maintaining a highly attacking formation throughout, this pressure on the opposition did not let up until full time.

Rutland’s determination for a win was evident, shots reigned into the opposition’s D from both open play and short corners. It was not long before Warren Ginn slotted the ball into the left hand corner from a near impossible angle. Kibworth came back fighting, they broke from their own 25 skilfully passing to find their forward at the top of Rutland’s goal area, at which point he buried the ball into the backboard.

Conceding a goal only spurred the Oaks on, Liz Byrne dominated the centre of the park always distributing clinically accurate passes.

Bryne pushed for the Kibworth D again and again and won short corners after short corner thorough some exceptionally talented movement.

It was not long before Rutland replied to the equaliser when Greg Topping drag flicked a short in to make it 2 – 1.

Not being content with the one goal Topping continued to press from midfield to slap in Rutland’s third goal. At this point the opposition heads dropped and any danger to the Oak’s goal seemed highly unlikely.

The unstoppable Charlie Hamnett put the final nail in the coffin when he literally ran the entire length of the pitch taking on the majority of the opposing team, his run culminating with the ball being slipped past the keeper and into the back of the net.

The game finished 4 – 1, to make it another excellent result for the Rutland Oaks.