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Bourne boxer Glen Spearink, wearing red gloves'www.1stsightphotos.co.uk
Bourne boxer Glen Spearink, wearing red gloves'www.1stsightphotos.co.uk
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BOURNE boxer Jack Bailey was forced to sit the night out on Saturday while his stablemate at Bourne ABC, Glenn Spearink recorded the second victory of his career.

Both boxers were due to fight at Holbeach but Bailey’s fight had to be pulled from the bill due to a technicality regarding the 15-year-old’s age.

ABAE rules stipulate that there must not be more than a year between fighters’ ages if they are under 17 – the difference between Bailey and his opponent was 12 months and one day, forcing the cancellation of the bout.

One of Bailey’s coaches at Bourne ABC, Jason Brooke said: “Jack handled the build up extremely well and could only be described as ‘gutted’ at not being able to fight.” His opponent had to make the long journey back to Barnsley without stepping in the ring.

Spearink fought in front an army of more than 50 supporters from Bourne and he was in explosive form from the first bell.

The 21-year-old fired home a number of hard-hitting combinations including a fast overhand right which resulted in a brief stoppage while the referee stemmed the flow of blood from Spearink’s opponent’s nose.

In the second round, the two fighters found themselves in a number of clinches and after three warnings, the Bourne man was docked a point.

The pair exchanged blows throughout the final round and Spearink was awarded the decision by a majority, much to the delight of coaches Paul South and Gary Spearink, Glenn’s father.

Spearink is now unbeaten in his first two competitive fights and although his opponent’s coach appeared to protest over the points tally, Brookes insists the verdict was the correct one.

He said: “Glenn had been docked a point when many felt the same should have been applied to the red corner. Hopefully, we will see Jack Bailey in action soon, along with other fighters from Bourne ABC that were unable to fight because suitable opponents could not be found.”