Tennis: Oakham Tennis Club ladies start with a win

Oakham Tennis Club Ladies, Debbie Powell, Ana Weber, Jane Wood and Jane Gilmore.
Oakham Tennis Club Ladies, Debbie Powell, Ana Weber, Jane Wood and Jane Gilmore.
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Oakham Tennis Club Ladies firsts played hosts to Victoria on Saturday for their first match this season and won a convincing 6-2

Debbie Powell and teenager Ana Weber worked well together winning three of their fours sets.

Occasionally, they were forced into errors by the visiting first pair who have years of experience behind them, but this was a good learning curve for Ana in the art of the doubles game. Winning that one set against the firsts was a valuable experience.

Oakham’s second strings were Jane Wood and Jane Gilmore who began slowly, losing a set against the firsts then went on to show their knowledge against the seconds winning 6-1, 6-1.

Ladies Seconds

Rothley came to the Vale against a strong Oakham seconds side but showed their determination by forcing a tie-break in one rubber and stretching the home side to 7-5 in another.

Although the Rutlanders won all the sets, it was no walkover. Jackie Staines and Carolyn Davies’ tie-break win gave them confidence for the remainder of the match while Jane Gilmore and Catherine Drury battled against both pairs until they won. Result 8-0.

Only one pair could play the second match away to Roundhill but by winning their four sets, they made sure of a draw. Jackie Staines and Laura Reekie had to use all their resources to fend off the home pairs and they returned home having won 6-4, 6-3 and 6-1, 6-1. Result 4-4.

Sunday’s match against Charnwood resulted in another win for the home team, but not before they had battled against resilience and occasionally the wind.

Jackie Staines and Laura Reekie began well then faded for a game or two, but returned to win convincingly against both pairs.

Jill Hole and Catherine Drury, playing together for the first time, fought well against the visitors’ firsts, allowing them no time to settle. Their second rubber against the second pair was a very close affair as the visitors went ahead to take the first set.

At 5-2 down in the second set, the Rutlanders suddenly found form, making a tie-break necessary. Their confidence up, they pushed hard to force errors and earn a draw. Result 7-1