Wheelers attract record numbers

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BOURNE Wheelers held their first event of the season last weekend – the fourth edition of their Reliability Trial.

The trial attracted record numbers, with 180 riders – double the total from the last two years.

With three different distances and routes, there was something for everyone, with the real racers facing an undulating 75-mile course and a more leisurely 35-mile loop for those who just wanted to get out on their bikes and make the most of what was a lovely sunny day.

The object of the trial is to predict what time you think you can cover the distance in, with a fast, medium and slowish average pace to choose from.

Although the idea sounds fairly straightforward, only 26 percent of the field managed to achieve the time that they had predicted.

Bourne’s successful riders were Mark Botteley, Adam Botteley, Daniel Burton, Gerald Bone, Stephen Collins, Neil Chamberlain and Mike Parkins,

Other riders were: Aaron Bateman, Sian Botteley, Campbell Pollock, Tim James, Maddie Gammons, Jamie Nation, Simon Ayliff, Mark Robinson, Steve Cleland, Antony Gough, Keith Munton, James Gelsthorpe, Colin Gilbert.