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Aim to build interest and create term-time competition

A new junior netball league has been launched for Stamford and Rutland.

Hosted by the Stamford and Rutland Junior Netball Club at Copthill School, the league has welcomed 12 teams, made up of girls and boys, which will play across four weeks.

While both Stamford and Rutland play host to popular adult netball leagues, juniors wishing to play regular competitive netball are required to travel further afield.

As a result teams from Stamford, Ketton, Uffington, Bourne, Gretton and Yaxley have come together to take part in the four week ‘mini-league’, with the aim of building interest and establishing a term-time league for the area in 2019.

Uffington All-Stars Blue(5198375)
Uffington All-Stars Blue(5198375)

Tina Sayers, chairman of the Stamford and Rutland Junior Netball club, explained: “One of our club’s strategic aims is to launch a junior league in the area to enable children to play regular competitive netball on their doorstep.

“We are passionate about promoting sport for all and wish to ensure that all children, regardless of perceived or current ability, have access to sport and can benefit from what sport can offer.

“These benefits include health, social and emotional wellbeing but all the children know is that they’re having a lot of fun.

“Our first mini-league runs through November and a second is planned for Spring 2019. By the end of 2019 we hope to have established enough interest to launch a proper league-proper.”

The league has started with Under 10s and Under 12s age groups and the hosts would now like to recruit more teams that would be interested in joining.

The league plans to add an Under 14 section for the Spring mini-league. Interested players or teams can make contact via www.srjnc.co.uk or on 07789 923960.

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