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Ladies seconds are triumphant after trio of tiebreaks

The new partnerships worked well for Oakham’s men’s first team as they claimed a 6-3 victory from their trip to Oadby.

Skipper Jack Hubbard had sent a different combination hoping for a win and was rewarded by bringing home two bonus points as well.

Tref Vandoros paced himself better in this match, now that he knows what the format is, and with Richard Breag they were unbeaten.

The Over 40s team is captain Peter Farrar, Jeremy Siddall, Gordon Reekie, Rob Mowatt. (10800855)
The Over 40s team is captain Peter Farrar, Jeremy Siddall, Gordon Reekie, Rob Mowatt. (10800855)

They didn’t lose a game to the seconds and thirds but were forced to show all their tenacity to beat the firsts as they went on to win 8-6.

Dan Potter and Greg Delaney, playing together for the first time this year, did exceptionally well, forcing errors from the seconds and thirds until they met the firsts when they lost 8-5.

New pairing Nick Crowson and Rob Mowatt found the hosts too hot to handle until they played their opposite number who they beat to gain a valuable point.

Anne Boyce took a strong ladies’ seconds team to Hinckley and came home with seven points plus the bonus two which takes them to halfway in the division.

The evening included three tie-breaks as Boyce and Hilary McMullan lost very narrowly to Hinckley’s seconds at the start and then went on to beat the firsts and thirds.

Sam Harris and Helen Foster joined forces for the first time and had to play two tie-breaks against the firsts and seconds but won them both, the last one well into the night. It meant they kept a clean sheet after a very tight night’s tussle.

Mel Jarret and Laura Reekie worked well to beat the thirds and firsts but lost their fizz against the seconds at the end of a long evening.

Debbie Powell took a changed team to top-of-the-league Victoria where they lost 6-3 after a difficult match.

She and Jane Wood beat the seconds and thirds comfortably, 8-2 and 8-1, but then found the top pair too strong for them.

Jane Gilmore and Helen Foster forced a tie-break with the thirds after a very tight set of games. They won this one, but lost the others.

The third pair of Anne Boyce and Mel Jarret was another re-arranged duo. They had some close rallies but found the opposition too accurate too often for them.

The men’s Over 40s team has leapt into top spot after two matches.

Skip Peter Farrar knew their tie at Carisbrooke would be tough, but was very pleased to grab the bonus points when one of the hosts turned up very late.

He and Gordon Reekie played a tight rubber against the first pair and forced them to a tie-break in the second set which the Rutlanders won. They were too strong for the seconds as they went on to defeat them without a problem.

Second strings Jeremy Siddall and Rob Mowatt, playing together for the first time, fought well against the firsts which set them up for a great result against the seconds where they won both sets which were very close at times, but the Oakham pair kept control when it was needed.

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