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Stamford AFC striker Tom Siddons aims to run his first marathon to raise money for Leukaemia UK

Top marksman Tom Siddons is aiming to net a new target with the goal of completing his first-ever marathon.

The Stamford striker is tackling the solo challenge of completing 26.2 miles while raising money for Leukaemia UK.

Siddons – who has been the Daniels’ top scorer for the past two seasons – has set his sights on running the marathon on Sunday, May 23.

Striker Tom Siddons. Photo: Dan Allen (45060021)
Striker Tom Siddons. Photo: Dan Allen (45060021)

He has been putting himself through his paces while football has been sidelined due to the coronavirus pandemic and is determined to achieve his goal which he is running in memory of his father-in-law who passed away in November after a brave battle with acute myeloid leukaemia.

Siddons explained: “I started running last year and gave myself a bit of challenge in April to run 100 miles. I did it and have just carried on.

“I’m not the lightest on my feet so I probably have to do a bit more work than everybody else in our squad to try and stay fit.

“I do like my food and drink so I have to offset it by doing some running. We haven’t been able to play football in 2021 yet so I thought that I would give myself a bit of a challenge of trying to run a marathon.

“It is something that I have never done but have always wanted to. It’s a milestone that a lot of people want to tick off so I am determined to do it.

“It isn’t going to be easy so by doing it for charity it will make it all worthwhile. It’s a cause which is close to our hearts because, after what my wife Charli’s dad Barry went through with his illness, the least I can do is put myself through a bit of hard work to raise some money in his memory.

“I understand that everyone has got their own stuff going on at the moment but, whatever people can donate, myself and our family will be more than grateful for.”

Siddons is currently working his way towards his target with a training plan which will also benefit the Daniels forward when pre-season training restarts again.

It has also helped his fitness regime during the recent national lockdowns which have seen a lack of footballing action.

He added: “The runs over the next few weeks are ramping up in distance but it’s going alright so far.

“I have kept up with my training plan and I am aiming for an eight-minute mile which I will hopefully be able to do.

“I never used to like running much. It was like a necessity but it has grown on me. You get out and pound the pavement and get into a bit of a routine with it.

Goalscorer Tom Siddons is congratulated by his team-mates. Photo: Peter Short (45060049)
Goalscorer Tom Siddons is congratulated by his team-mates. Photo: Peter Short (45060049)

“It’s a challenge and gives you time to think and, in a strange way, I enjoy it now.

“The club does set us weekly runs and I was always wary that I probably needed to go and do a bit more to stay at the level of fitness that I wanted to be at.

“Hopefully this will also put me in good stead for when we go back training – I am normally near the back so it might help me move up a couple of places!

“Pre-season training is never nice though and we have these ‘W’ runs which are horrible and I don’t think anybody looks forward to them.

“If I can keep this up though and get to a fair level of fitness then it will be an incentive to stay there as opposed to letting it slip a bit.”

Siddons has been with Stamford for the past two seasons and has previously played for King’s Lynn, Grantham, Spalding United and Sleaford Town.

He has been part of the Daniels squad that has produced some impressive performances over the last two years.

However, the goal of promotion continues to elude Graham Drury’s side after a second successive campaign was recently curtailed due to the pandemic.

Siddons commented: “It has been a bit galling with what has happened with the league because we all came together two seasons ago and it was a bit of an unknown.

“I joined Stamford with the aim of winning the league, but you never know at first if that is going to be possible because I had never played with a lot of the players.

“We have all come together though and, over the two years, we have become a really tight-knit group.

“The club is great and I am really enjoying playing there. The pitch is amazing and facilities are great and we’ve got a brilliant group of guys as well as a top management team.

“I love it at the club and, along with my home-town club Sleaford, it’s got a close place in my heart and I really enjoy being there.”

Anyone wishing to support Tom’s marathon efforts in raising money for Leukaemia UK should visit his JustGiving page HERE

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