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Don's newly-formed village side have made unbeaten start

Greetham have three teams through to the quarter-finals of the Boor & Wainwright competition.

Two of their Division One sides and one from Division Three have progressed to the last eight.

Pride of place goes to Don Garrigle’s somewhat newly-formed team from the village who have come through unbeaten in all of their five matches played as have Roger Clarke’s Greetham Valley Robins after winning all of their four.

Greetham Valley Eagles are through to the Boor & Wainwright quarter finals (11735744)
Greetham Valley Eagles are through to the Boor & Wainwright quarter finals (11735744)

Frank Hinch’s Greetham Valley Eagles won four out of five.

The line up for the matches to be played by July 14 is Greetham Valley Eagles v Ketton Kestrels, Greetham v Wittering, Blackstones C v Greetham Valley Robins, Blackstones D v Colsterworth.

Results and rink scores (handicap allowance in brackets)

Group One

KETTON KESTRELS (6) 95 CARLBY BEES (30) 62 Ketton names first: Sheila Brown, Shirley Suffling, Len Warrington 42 Chris Alston, Steve Fowkes, Dave Richardson 17; Martin Wallace, Elizabeth Wallace, Chris Ford 33 Lily Vaughan, Steve Jackson, Stuart Poole 20; Elaine Upton, Steve Brown, Charlie Underwood 20 Margaret Richardson, Dave Deaton, Art Stacey 25.

BARNACK SAXONS (6) 52 GREETHAM VALLEY ROBINS (18) 61BRnack names first: Jan Parr, Mike Parr, Phil Symonds 27 Barbara Watson, Bryony Batch, Rita Knapp 14; Sarah PRker, Martyn Dennis, Martyn Parker 18 Malc Metcalfe, Bruce Strickland, Graham Jackson 18; Trevor Goodwin, John Taylor, Charlie Jones 7 Alan Bennett, Roger Clarke, Neil Crees 27.

Group Two

BOURNE EAU (24) 37 GREETHAM (24) 73 Bourne names first: Roy Noble, Peter Henderson, Betty Wright 8 Jeff Kettle, Paul Phillips, David Healey 32; Jackie Noble, Brian Hutchins, Joan Thompson 15 Dick Brett, Debbie Oakes, Chris Tarrant 20; Chris Muggeridge, Mick Middleton, Roger Gough 14.

MARKET OVERTON HARRIERS (18) 56 STAMFORD TOWN D (24) 62 Harriers names first: Jenny Owen, Gordon. Corby, Mike Parkes 16 Jan Marshall, John Renshaw 18; Cath Mitchell, Mick Boddington, John Mitchell 22 Helga Ellis, Ivy Ward, Keith Hansell 22; Annette Oliver, Jeannie Hutton, Eddie Owen 18 Len Ward, Michael Winter, Linda Starbuck 22.

MARKET DEEPING REGIS (30) 50 BLACKSTONES B ((0) 99 Regis names first: Muriel Allan, Peter Hall 14 Chick Veasey, James Hebden, Terry Smith 48; Alan Bulmer, Alan MacArthur 16 Margaret Bloxham, Mark Hebden, David Hudson 31; Alan Treeby, Peter Allen, Dave MacVitie 20 Ken Rawlins, Jay Travis Jenner, Martin Bailey 20.

Group Three

GREETHAM VALLEY EAGLES (18) 69 MARKET OVERTON TORNADOES (18) 42 Eagles names first: James Murphy, Tony Ansell, John Cox 18 Ann Cusdin, Liz Dyer, Jack Warner 21; John Dowding, Peter Wood, Peter Cozens 32 Les Cusdin, Gerry Parker, Chris Fleckney 8; Brian Jackson, Hazel Hinch, Frank Hinch 19 Mary Slater, Jonny Abbott, Brian Snow 13.

MARKET DEEPING ROYALS (24) 53 EMPINGHAM (12) 79 Royals names first: Mike Page, Mike Bumphrey, Roy Markham 12 Mike Ramsden, John McPherson, Mary Udale 28; Melvyn Des Camps, Jeff Bell, Bryan Bolam 20 Fay Simmons, Geoff Pearce, Rick Simmons 28; Paul Gillender, Julie Adams, John Bates 21 Malcolm Mann, Vic Pheasant, Jonathan Corby 23.

Group Four

BLACKSTONES D (0) 65 OAKHAM OWLS (12) 43 Blackstones names first: Rita Downs, Kevin Ward, Peter Linnell 30 Eileen Wright, Bob Hammond 9; Darren Russell, Dusty Miller, Sam Downs 15 Mary Smith, Rick Tarleton, Alan Jones 15; Terry Windsor, Jon Earl, Darren Middleton 20 Bob Swarbrick, John Moore, Denis Smith 19.

OAKHAM A (0) 29 BLACKSTONES C (0) 74 Oakham names first: Gail Robertson, Beryl Birch, Reg Wadsworth 5 Jane Needham, Stephen Harris, Martyn Dolby 30; Janet Rogers, John Rogers, Paul Murrant 8 Martin Stokes, Trevor. Hristie, Paul Buckley 26; Matt Murrant, Ros Carter, Ray Gregory 16 Mike Humphreys, Derek Needham, Adam Warrington 18.

KETTON KINGFISHERS (0) 46 BLACKSTONES A (24) 84 Ketton names first: Nigel Trigg, Andy Speechley, Dick Ford 15 Martin Costin, Dave Cox, Sean Perry 31; Carol Warters, Paul Pheasant, John Little 13 Rod Briers, Garry Shell, Julian Perry 31; Val DuKett, John Russell, Bob Warters 18 John King, Brian Young, James Perry 22.

Group Five

CARLBY CORGIES (18) 47 BARNACK B (12) 62 Carlby names first: Iris Clark, Lucy Cooke 20 John Broadbelt, John Woodcock, Keith Bell 14; Ian Cooke, Alan Denne 14 Sue Williamson, Tom Elwood, Margaret Broadbelt 25; Simon Flatters, Nick Flatters 13 Eric Pridmore, Roy Chowings, Mike Williamson 23.

BARNACK VIKINGS (30) 58 Ketton Kites (24) 42 Barnack names first: Diane Lunn, Ray Deaton, Sheila Howard 11 Tony Dolby, Kevin Kinkade, Chris Middleton 19; Graham Wootten, Carol Royal, Richard Christopher 26 Geoff Timms, Pat Banks, Ray Harvey 10; Roger Howard, Barry Penman, Colin Lunn 21 David Laughton, Pat Jones, Paul Galloway 13.

Group Six

OAKHAM D (30) 80 LANGTOFT PEARL (6) 65 Oakham names first: Sylvia Hammond, Dave Harmston, Ray Wilkins 28 Paul Christophi, Bryan Moore, Nolan Catterwell 20; Michael Timms, Ian Maclean, Richard Ward 24 Anne White, George Tinson, Peter White 18; Chris Smith, Fiona Munro, Ian Munro 28 Phyl Long, Ann Northen, Sue Moir 27.

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