Pair’s art exhibition ends on November 12

Artist Josette Carroll with her exhibition of recycled cardboard sculptures at Stamford Arts Centre.
Artist Josette Carroll with her exhibition of recycled cardboard sculptures at Stamford Arts Centre.
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TWO former teachers who found a passion for art in retirement have been featured in an exhibition.

Josette Carroll, from Mill Lane, Ketton, and Rosemary Tolkein, from Firs Avenue, Uppingham, have their work on display in the gallery at Stamford Arts Centre.

The pair studied together on a degree course in fine art at New College Stamford after retiring from teaching, and have joined forces again for this exhibition.

Joesette, 69, makes sculptures from layers of cardboard glued together which she then shapes with a bandsaw.

By cutting into the corrugated layers at different angles she creates a range of textures and shapes.

Josette said: “The beautiful thing is there is always the element of surprise, you are never sure what you are going to get. It’s quite exciting.”

She discovered the technique while studying for her degree and has been developing it ever since.

She added: “I have been exploring all sorts of shapes and forms. I have always been interested in texture.

“I started off doing negative and positive elements which is very interesting. Then I started sticking the sheets of cardboard together. It really came about by accident.

“Because it’s so new I’m learning as I go along. It’s much more interesting and exploratory that way.”

Rosemary, 61, is a painter who specialises in architectural pieces.

Her exhibition features a number of views of St Pancras Station in London, and she has painted a series of Stamford buildings. She said: “My architectural paintings are very reduced, flattened, almost like a screen print. I take the buildings back to their basic shapes.

“I use emulsion which people find quite strange, but I wanted to get the flat colours.”

Rosemary, whose husband Michael is a great grandson of author JRR Tolkein, has also branched out into oil still lifes and landscape paintings and has a colourful take on the view from King’s Hill, near Uppingham, on display.

She said: “I really enjoy painting, it’s wonderful really.

“It’s very absorbing. I am lucky to have the chance to do it. It’s my new career now that I am retired.”

The exhibition ends tomorrow, but both Josette and Rosemary have their pieces on display online, at and