Fungal Foray event at Twyford Wood

Fungal Foray
Fungal Foray
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Go on a fascinating tour at Twyford Wood, near Colsterworth on Sunday at the annual Fungal Foray event.

The tour, led by mycologist David Feld will explore the woods which feature a Second World War airfield.

Marianne Overton MBE who organises the event, said: “This is always a fascinating event linking an interest in wildlife with the professional world of biologists.

“The quality and variety of fungi we find each year depends partly on the weather. Fungi are more abundant after autumnal warmth and rain and we have found as many as 92 species on a previous visit.”

Entry is £3 for non-members, £1 for members of the Royal Society of Biology, the Wildlife Trusts or RSPB. E-mail