Road To Riverside 2012: Make your vote count

Stamford Riverside Festival 2009. Photo: Stamford Mercury
Stamford Riverside Festival 2009. Photo: Stamford Mercury
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Voting is well underway in the Mercury’s Road to Riverside.

Almost 50 bands from across the world are vying to win a slot on stage at this year’s Riverside Festival, which will take place on The Meadows in Stamford on Saturday, 7 July.

From Argentinian rock to Welsh hip-hop, the range of entries this year ensures everyone will find a band to suit their taste.

Hundreds of people have already cast their votes but there are a few rules. For the online vote it is strictly only one vote per person. You must include your first name, surname and a full address in order for your vote to be counted.

You can vote online at

You can also vote by a coupon which is published in the Mercury. You can vote by coupon as many times as you like, but photocopies will not be accepted.

The winner of the slot at the Riverside Festival will be announced in the pages of the Mercury on Friday, April 6.

The festival itself will be ticketed for the first time ever this year. Early bird tickets costing £5 (£3 for children) are available online at or by calling the box office on 01780 763203.

Cast your vote now (before midnight on Sunday, 1 April) for the band of your choice, full list below or find out more about each band

-- We would like to make clear that the stage name of Nate Swettenham, who we featured last week, is The Skunk-Boy Project.

In Archives



Good Knives

Andrew Cream

The Harrington Blues

Trouble With Tuesday




Simple Machines


Rusty G’s


Flawless Victory

The Conspiracy Club



Fred’s House

Dead-Eye Mariners

Clutching at Straws

District Myths


Screaming Martini

Whisky Jax

The Fire


The Skunk-Boy Project

Never A Hero

Toys In The Forest

The Instants


Lindsey James Cook

Death Valley Piledriver


Major Triadz

Papa Shango


Courteous Thief

The Majestic

The August September


Kieland Ridge

The Detonators

Shades of Black

The Blonde Mistake

Stange Brew

The Mosquitos

-- To hear any of the bands visit our or through our website and follow the links