The Scene: ‘People’s band’ aiming to entertain

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One of Stamford’s most popular and longest running bands will play two gigs to coincide with the release of their new video.

March To The Grave have been booked to play at The Grainstore Brewery in Station Approach, Oakham, from 9pm on Thursday.

March To The Grave

March To The Grave

The band will follow that with a homecoming gig in The Voodoo Lounge at Mama Liz’s in North Street, Stamford, on February 8.

The band, which formed a mere 32 years ago, have been busy filming a video for their song “I’m Too Fat”.

The clip, filmed by Stamford inventor Colin Furze, can be seen on YouTube and features one or two locations that locals might recognise.

Singer Andy Goodacre said: “The song was released in part a few years ago but we have been waiting for the video to do a full release.

“We had a lot of fun making it. Some of it is filmed in The Bombay Cottage in Scotgate.”

The band have always focused on putting on a fun show, and the video is a reflection of that attitude.

For those few Stamford residents unfamiliar with the band, Andy had a simple description.

He said: “We play good old-fashioned punk rock, simple as that. We always try and put on a bit of a show to keep the crowd entertained.

“We like to give them something to watch. We tend to dress up and always have some surprises.

“We like to try and stay one step ahead and stay in touch with the people on the ground.

“We are a people’s band and we like to write songs that entertain.

“If we can make people laugh we have usually got their attention.”

While March To The Grave has seen one or two lineup changes over the years, the core of Andy and co-founder Rick Simpson have been there since the beginning.

Bassist Paul Selby is a junior member, having joined just 21 years ago, while drummer Stuart Meadows has only recently joined.

You can watch the full “I’m Too Fat” video on YouTube.

Visit the band’s website for more music and information.