The Scene: Rockers return with new material

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A Stamford band will be showing off some new material at a free gig which promises to go off with a bang.

BlackHawkDown will return to The Green Man in Scotgate, Stamford, from 9pm tonight.

The heavy rockers have been busy recording their first album for the last couple of months, so are keen to debut some of their new songs.

Drummer Marc Daffern said the band are hoping for a packed venue.

He added: “Out first gig was two years ago. Since then we have been growing and we now have more than 2,500 fans on Facebook, which is a pretty good number for a little band.

“We have played at Mama Liz’s nine times now and we have packed out The Green Man several times, so it should be a good gig.”

Christmas is just around the corner, but don’t expect a festive sing-a-long.

The band takes its influences from Guns N’ Roses and Alice in Chains, who could never be described as angels, and have chosen an apocalyptic theme for their comeback show.

Marc said: “It’s going to be an end of the world kind of thing, to tie in with the Mayan armageddon prophecy.

“But it won’t just be for heavy rock fans. We have a lot of friends who come along to see us who aren’t into rock and metal at all.

“Our music is very accessible to everyone. There’s no screaming or shouting.”

While the band have previously recorded some low-fi demos, this is the first time they have sat down to come up with a full album.

Marc, bassist Norbert Jarzynka, guitarist Lee Daffern, vocalist Ben Yardley and guitarist Andy McGurk decided to record the album without the help of a label.

The as-yet unnamed album will be released early next year and the band are excited to see it finished.

Marc said: “It’s our first proper album and it’s a fairly DIY setup.

“We have been getting some really good results. We want to get it released and then we will be looking to do a summer tour.”

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