The Scene: Something different on the dance floor with Some Other Future at Mama Liz’s in Stamford

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A dedicated following will descend on Stamford tonight (Friday) for an eclectic mix of dance music and visual thrills.

The Voodoo Lounge at Mama Liz’s in North Street will play host to Some Other Future, a night that will showcase some of the more experimental DJs in the dubstep and drum n’ bass scene.

Organiser Bernard Wood, 46, from Stamford, leads the way as The Miracle Lens Visuals. He is a VJ - a visual jockey - and combines music with a range of computer graphics, projectors and creative lighting.

Bernard, who has been putting on club nights for about five years, said: “This is not just a dubstep night or drum n’ bass night. It’s a bit more creative.

“You can expect visuals and hopefully some atmosphere.

“Most of us play electronic and industrial music, or interpretations of it.

“I like to see what the DJs do. It’s not really chart or pop stuff. It’s quite a dark, heavy sound.

“I don’t want it to be just another club night because, frankly, I’ll get bored of it.”

Tonight’s lineup features a mix of DJs, combining experience with new talent.

Some Other Future is not a regular night, running whenever Bernard can bring a group of performers together. But it has built up a dedicated fanbase keen to get away from the chart-heavy club scene.

Bernard added: “It’s for a crowd that is a bit more serious about dance music.

“It’s for people who are perhaps more dedicated than the usual crowd. They tend to be slightly off the mainstream. Many of them come from the free party scene.

“I have done nights that are completely inclusive but people tend to come for one DJ and then go to the bar.

“Most of us have a following and get a crowd to come along.”

Bernard used to be involved in Stamford’s Riverside Festival but moved on to his own night as he admits he prefers doing his own thing.

He has been experimenting with the visual aspect of dance music for some time, with each night he holds developing and becoming more creative.

He said: “My set is more multimedia. I am a VJ, a visual jockey, and I make my own computer graphics. I use a couple of projectors and run the visuals live.

“I am getting more into the lighting design as well. I am trying to light the venue creatively.”

Tonight’s show will begin at 7.45pm with DJ Brooks, followed by GC vs Neenoo, DJ Swoop vs DJ Hellen, Diablo vs Merky Bouy and DJ Muggz.

At midnight 10 DJs will compete in a scratch showcase, with the night finishing with sets from Akabaz and Komplex.

Creative costumes on the “Some Other Future” theme are encouraged, with a prize for the best one.

Entry is £4 before 11pm or £5 after.

Visit or or search for Some Other Future on Facebook.

Mama Liz’s will hold a halloween “Quiz Of Horrors” on Wednesday with fancy dress, prizes and drinks offers until 2am, and an open mic night from 8pm on Thursday.

Entry is free and there is no need to book a slot on stage.