The Scene: Spreading the sound of the sixties

The Offshore Rivers. Photo by John Grant
The Offshore Rivers. Photo by John Grant
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Memories of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and 1960s Rolling Stones are sure to be evoked when upcoming country blues band The Offshore Rivers debut their latest material tomorrow.

The band, who come from the Long Sutton area, are headlining the bill at the Voodoo Lounge at Mama Liz’s in North Street, Stamford, with support from I Am The Dice and Neil Cousin.

The quartet have played the venue three times before, supporting big-name artists like The Coral vocalist Lee Southall. But this will be their first headline show in Stamford.

The last two months have been spent in the studio recording new songs and drummer Dave Jackson, 28, is keen to get on stage and play them live.

He said: “We have been holed up working on the new songs and recording has gone well.

“We want to get out there and play them now.”

Dave and fellow band members Matt Aylett, Jack Johnson and Andy Dilley all share similar influences and the 1960s guitar sound can be heard through their music.

Dave added: “It’s a simple bass, guitar, drums, vocals and acoustic guitar lineup.

“There are also a lot of three-part harmonies at work.

“We only have a small lineup but we wanted a big sound, so there are a lot of harmonies in there.”

The band have been playing together for about a year. In that time they have built up a strong local following.

Sharing the stage with more famous acts has also helped them broaden their appeal to a wider area.

Dave said: “We got on really well with Lee from The Coral and from that we are looking at doing a couple of gigs in Liverpool next year.

“We also have gigs at Olives in Norwich on November 17 and Elme Hall Rock and Blues Club in Wisbech on November 18.”

Tickets for tomorrow’s gig are £6, with doors at 8.30pm. Visit

For those of a heavier persuasion, sludge metal favourites Smokescreen will celebrate their 200th gig with a show at the Voodoo Lounge tonight. Doors open at 8.30pm and tickets are £4.