The Scene: Tribal beats take over the dancefloor

DJs  Sam Cartwright, Alex Birks, James Drain and Nick Crook, also known as The Tribe. Photo by by Alexandra Wallace
DJs Sam Cartwright, Alex Birks, James Drain and Nick Crook, also known as The Tribe. Photo by by Alexandra Wallace
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It’s war paint and feathers at the ready as one of Stamford’s premier underground dance nights gets the town moving to a different beat.

Tribe will make its sixth appearance in the Voodoo Lounge at Mama Liz’s in Stamford from 9pm tonight (Friday).

The night was set up by friends Alex Birks, Sam Cartwright, James Drain and Nick Crook in an attempt to bring a more independent club scene to the town.

The four DJs, all in their early 20s, picked up their drum n’ bass, dubstep and garage influences while studying at the University of Sheffield.

But when they came back to their hometown they realised a similar scene did not exist.

“We wanted to bring quite an underground sound to Stamford, which wasn’t used to independent club nights,” Alex explained.

“The idea behind the night was that a lot of the music we played has that almost tribal percussive effect.

“We were also strongly influenced by the video for Marka, by Dub Phyzix, which had a really strong visual of a native American Indian guy with a painted face wearing a headdress.”

The night takes those influences and combines the music and the visuals to create a sensory experience.

People are encouraged to dress up, wear facepaint and headdresses and become part of the tribe.

Even those who don’t come prepared can use paints supplied at the venue.

Alex added: “We didn’t want to scare people away who weren’t familiar with the night. The facepaint was to get people feeling included.

“It’s really good for us that people are warming to it and painting themselves before they come down.”

Alex, a graphic designer, has designed a huge camouflage banner to add to the effect for tonight’s show.

There will also be a guest DJ and the four hosts hope to see the dancefloor full.

Alex said: “It’s for people who are really up for a dance. We get people cheering towards the performers.

“We are calling out to the rave culture a little bit.”

Tribe begins at 9pm and runs until 2.15pm. Tickets are £4 on the door. Visit for updates on Tribe nights.

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