College Players to perform A Christmas Carol

Whats on, Oct 31 EMN-141029-093134001
Whats on, Oct 31 EMN-141029-093134001
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Embrace the Christmas spirit with a delightfully entertaining family show based on a classic novel at Stamford Arts Centre.

Members of College Players will sing and dance their way through a musical version of A Christmas Carol, the festive favourite, written by Charles Dickens, adapted for the stage by Eric Jones and produced by Martyne Miller, Michelle Cooper and Nancy Simpson.

The story is set in Dickensian London on a Christmas Eve seven years after the death of Jacob Marley - the business partner of the miserly, money-loving and seemingly heartless Ebenezer Scrooge.

A visit from the chain-dragging ghost of Marley informs Scrooge that during the night he would be visited by three spirits. Each would accompany him on a journey to Christmas scenes, past, present and yet to come in an attempt to show him the error of his ways or he would be cursed to carry his own chains into eternity.

The first took him to back to his childhood where he was starved of parental affection but loved and was loved by his sister Fran; a Christmas party hosted by his first employer, Mr Fezziwig, who treated him like his own son and a neglected fiancée, Belle who ended their relationship after she realised that Scrooge would always love money more than he loved her.

A view of the present showed him what he had become, what those around him thought of him and how those living with sickness and poverty were rich in the love of family and friends.

A final trip into the future gave him the wake-up call he needed and enabled him to set about changing things while there was still time.

Scrooge wakes up on Christmas morning a changed man full of kindness, generosity, and compassion for those around him and with joy and love in his heart.

Performances start at 7.30pm on Thursday, November 6, Friday, November 7 and Saturday, November 8 with a 2.30pm matinee performance on the Saturday.

Tickets are £9.50 (£8.50) or £8 for groups of 10 or more from 01780 763203.