The tale of Pinocchio to brought to life at Corn Exchange

Pinocchio EMN-160504-113620001
Pinocchio EMN-160504-113620001
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Join Ballet Theatre UK as they tell the tale of a wooden puppet carved from pine with but only one wish… to become a real boy.

Follow Pinocchio, the cheeky marionette puppet with an unruly nose, on his epic quest as he overcomes obstacles, faces consequences and even ends up in the belly of a whale yet proves to all that dreams really do come true.

Pinocchio, joined with iconic characters such as Gepetto, The Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket, will take you on a heartfelt journey of discovery.

Set to a stunning classical score this original production will delight ballet audiences and families alike and promises to carve a new love for Pinocchio through the magic of classical dance.

This magical production is coming to Stamford Corn Exchange this Sunday at 2pm. Tickets are £17.50 (£16.50 concessions), children £12. To book call the box office on 01780 766455.